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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Kayce - Horrible gas

    Made my baby have HORRIBLE gas. His belly would get huge and he would cry so hard and nothing would help. He would burp but the gas was all intestinal like he needed to pass gas not burp.

  • Daniel - ... have had several external batteries that have not been great to have

    I have had several external batteries that have not been great to have. They are lightweight and portable but often seem to fake charge my phone or only charge it to about 30% and no more than that. This external battery blows all of those out of the water!!!

  • B. P. Crues - Underwhelmed

    I thought this would be better than Sally Hansen since Olay has built a name for itself lately in the beauty aisle however i was greatly disappointed. The protecting balm is stiff and hard to massage into your treatment area for 20 secs as directed. The creme removal stung as it was applied and then after 8 minutes I still had to tweezer hair stubble. Perhaps, it is meant for fine, fine hair only. If so, it should say that on the box. My facial hair is fine to medium but I can't use this product. I am going back to Sally Hansen.

  • Cynthia Larochelle - Not up to par

    Unhappy with quality, thin and watery. Have purchased thru original company and worked very well. This was a major disappointment. I would not buy again.

  • Amarjit S. Bahl - Best book for learning the "bigger" picture of Finance

    I wanted to learn more about the financial markets and the different products available. I have tried various books on finance before and other related "Get Investment Advice" kind of books. Finally I thought of taking a class on Finance and bought this book. This book explains in good detail on the various concepts on finance but would not recommend for the average person looking to get investment advice. This book talk about the financial market, the various instruments available, how to raise capital, various options available for raising capital, evaluating the financial reports of the companies, under and over-evaluated companies and lot of other good concepts.

  • Colt - Beautiful

    This is a must have for collectors or people who just want that something special. The package arrived on time and in good condition, my only complaint was it was shipped in a bubble wrap envelope. I am looking forward to being able to display this with the other star ornaments I have.

  • Tyler Hughes - Creating a Nerf arsenal for your office? Buy these!

    This thing is awesome. I've bought probably 20 of these to arm my entire office area. With the range these have, it can easily turn any office space into an all out Nerf war zone. Excellent value! I'll probably buy 20 more :)