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  • Chalgyr's Game Room - Lots of bells and whistles for the budget music maker

    t's that time of the year, Chri- ahem, I mean... - time for MAGIX Music Maker 2016! The new iteration of Music Maker includes a lot of performance upgrades, a slew of new features, and of course, new sample packs are included to make music for your personal projects.

  • M. Martin - So disappointed with the first episode

    So disappointed with the first episode. I've watched from the beginning and, although there have been a few intense moments, this episode was filled with gratuitous violence. The Negan character is buffoonish. I thought Beth's death was meaningless but the way the two characters were killed and the gore was shown repeatedly was more than I was willing to see. I'm trying to decide if I want to watch the show after this.

  • Alfred S. Deschaine - Worked exactly as advertised.

    Worked as advertised. Pleasantly surprised as how my outdoor chairs, as well as the shutters on the all came looking new. Will definitely recommend this product. As a matter of fact, I already have.

  • shiu hua si - Prefect product

    Better than I expect. I will recommend this product. Light & strong. The best racket I have so far. I love it

  • pferraro58 - Works wonders

    I got this product free for trying it out and I am glad I did! I always get rough feet in the summer mostly a lot, and I used the callus remover and it works wonders. I love it! My feet are nice and smooth after use, can't get any better then this.

  • cody - This book is a book of formulas with terrible explanations on how to get to and use those ...

    This book is a book of formulas with terrible explanations on how to get to and use those formulas. It definitely left a lot to be desired.

  • Kyle - Light of 6,000 Suns

    I needed a durable flashlight with multiple modes to use in various lighting conditions. After spending hours researching I decided on this. I have had this flashlight over six months. In that time I have dropped it on runways, tile, wood, and it has been a champ. Obviously there are a few nicks in the paint, but the light itself is sturdy as ever. The dimmest mode is extremely useful when your eyes have adjusted to your room at night, or you need to read in the dark. The brightest mode will fry the retinas of anyone who looks directly at it. I verified that immediately after I took it out of the box. Seriously, someone probably turned on the brightest mode and shined it at the sky which is why our ozone has a hole in it. It looks like daytime with this light maxed out. It holds a charge for an extremely long time. I have only charged it three times and I used it daily for four months. If you hold the brightness selector button down it engages the brightest mode and turns to a strobe. If this light ever quits working I would immediately buy another. I have used Surefires, Streamlights, Smith & Wesson, Maglite, none compare to this.