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City: 21.6848 Presovsky kraj, Slovak Republic

  • Charles C Myers - Completely changes the look of the car in a good way. The antenna fits perfectly with no changes ...

    Completely changes the look of the car in a good way. The antenna fits perfectly with no changes in radio reception.

  • ShayH. - Please save your money!

    This product does work. I bought this product and i started using it rite away. in one month i saw that i had lost weight, however it's not nearly as much as they advertise. My stomach did not go flat in one month. I figure if i would have kept using it for a year maybe then i might see some good results, but that would mean spending money on a product (the lotion stuff) every month for something that i don't even know if it's going to work fully. for the record it does work, but not at all as much as it's advertised.

  • Desdimona - A Book With Some Serious Issues

    People hear my words, this book has some serious issues! Please read the review here from October 12, 2005 titled "Recipe almost Killed Me". Also, I bought this book at a black owned, black focused store. I was so happy to get it because as much as I love herbs and natural healing, most of the resources I have found are from a European centered prospective, with most of the herb histories and means of use being traced back only to Europe. So I was happy to walk out of the store with it. I started to read it on the subway. Well, I was all the way across town and jumped back on the subway to retrace my steps and return the book. I had gotten to the part about female menstruation being abnormal! I read on and sure enough, that's what he meant, that healthy women who eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle will not menstruate! This sounds to me like the same old thing in many anti-female religions, that the way the female body works is abnormal and dirty, that menstruating females are somehow abnormal and should be kept out of holy places at the time of menstruation. I do not know why Amazon is suggesting folks buy this book paired with Queen Afua's works! The two are very different on their views. I have Queen's best seller, Sacred Woman, and not only does she NOT SAY menstruation is abnormal, she tells you possible causes of what might be going on if yours has stopped because of disease, so that you can heal yourself back to health and a healthy menstruation cycle! Queen Afua is woman positive. Dr. Afrika has some interesting things in his book, but you would have to already know the good advice in order to pick it apart from the bad. The book is mixed with such dangerous and psychologically damaging information that I would say for your health stay well and clear!!! All holistic practice has to be viewed in light of our inner voice and good advice from various sources, and few things are right for everybody, but some things are dangerous!

  • A Asgari - Sturdy and strong

    Good quality, slim design and easy to install and remove from the phone. After just few weeks of using the back is full of small scratches but I really don't care as you hardly can see them, and after all that's why the cover is there. Have dropped the phone couple of times already and survived, nothing serious though and just gentle drops on soft surfaces.

  • Mario Reyes - Great comfort, great support

    Great comfort, great support, excellent flexibility. I can wear these shoes and stand, run, jump for hours. This is what I hoping this shoe was. Hopefully, Nike develops/creates more shoes like these.