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  • Amazon Customer - My blackhead removers came packaged great in the mail

    I have heard and seen them before and I even watched some you tube videos to see similar products and tools in action.yes it's gross in a way but I wanted to see what they were all about. My blackhead removers came packaged great in the mail, the product came as described in the descriptions I really like that the blackhead removers come in a zippered case and each tool has its own elastic to hold in in place in the pouch. The tools themselves are very sturdy and professional looking. This set comes with instructions and the tools vary in size and use. All the pieces are made of strong stainless steel and they all look made for medical practitioners like doctors. I still have not used it on my face yet but looking forward to give it a try once I have something on my face. Even though I have not used it, I highly recommend it based on how it looks and the quality of its materials. Finally, the directions do explain what each instrument is used for and how to use. Each instrument has its own use. One is for removal of blackheads, one is for whiteheads. There is an instrument with a sharp point for extraction of a deeper one. There is a longer one for use on body extremities like back arms, neck and back. The loops are for different sizes of blemishes and types. It is all explained in the directions.

  • Jessica Chauvot - Good but could have more diversity.

    Works good. Only complaint is there isn't much difference in the angles of the guide holes. Had to get a little inventive as I was building our bed to get the angled holes I wanted in bigger pieces of wood. Quality is fine.

  • yvonne c. webb - Organo gold gournment black coffee

    The coffee is outstanding, I use it almost daily. I have shared it with my husband and now he love it, and have given up regular coffee.

  • Damian Sco - After 17 days straight average twice a night After a month it does not seem to work 1/2 product is used up This is my LAST REV

    I have used it religiously (every night sometimes twice a night) since July 25, 2015. It is now Oct 7, 2015. That makes it 2 months and 11 days (or so).]I SIMPLY DO NOT SEE ANY CHANGE AT ALL regarding the bags under my eyes. NOTHING AT ALL.

  • M. OBrien - What's the point??

    TrackR had to be held against my ear to hear locating tones. If I have to hold the device (attached to my keys) against my ear to hear the locating tone,,I must have located it, visually!!! Duh??

  • Jeanine L. Smith - waste of money

    This product works until you actually move your face. Then it looks as though you have applied a layer of white glue to your skin and it krinkles. Its fun for about 5 minutes/