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  • Thomas J. Raftery - Perfect for my application

    I am going on a three week trek where the ability to charge anything is absent. I have been struggling with what camera to bring looking at those powered by AA batteries. However I like my Panasonic Lumix with the GPS, so I wondered if this would recharge that which does not use AA batteries. I already have a charger that works off the 12V and I plugged it into this solar charger as a test. It topped off the Lumix battery even under limited and partly cloudy exposure. That is perfect. I am leaving my cellphone and other electronics behind, but I want the camera and this will allow me to do just that. It works, it works with what I have, who could ask for anything more.

  • Dominic Figueroa - Good but unnecessary.

    I was sent to a nutritionist to see what I can do about my excess weight and energy problems. She referred me to this, the Standard Process Weight Loss Kit. At first, I was excited about it. I figured that I'd start losing weight extremely fast and I'd be on the road to being healthy in no time. This excitement lasted a good 2 days. After the second day, I felt horrible. I understood what I was supposed to do in the cleansing period, which basically consisted of an annoying 30 pills a day, and nothing but vegetables and fruit, as well as water. I thought I could do it, but I felt bad physically. So I decided that I would stop what I was doing and I began just eating everything a lot less! That's the whole key. If anything, I recommend that you buy just the cleansing kit and do it for a week. I lost 4 pounds the first day and that put me to a good start. Once that week is over, a lot of green and fruits. That's basically it. Just do the cleanse, then be conscious about what you intake. All the crap they give you in the kit isn't necessary.

  • Crystal - My favorite mop. When my old one mopped its last ...

    My favorite mop. When my old one mopped its last floor, I quickly purchased another. It does the job and seems to keep it's shape over time without it tearing, ripping, shredding . . I think the only thing with these mops is making sure they're dry if set upright the water seems to rust the part closest to the mop head. I will continue to purchase this mop it makes my life easier, and moping not such a chore.

  • Bill Engineer - Works as advertised.

    Make it easy to put documents together. I recommend it for anyone publishing a newsletter or similar document. Documents look very nice.

  • Kelly N. - I've used other brands and formulas before with wonderful results. I'm not sure if it was my ...

    Followed all instructions correctly and had zero results. I mean nothing. I've used other brands and formulas before with wonderful results. I'm not sure if it was my body or what but I would invest in another brand.