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Speech Therapy Wellington | Vocalsaints Ltd - Welcome to Vocalsaints! We are a caring team of Speech-Language Therapists who support people of all ages throughout the greater Wellington region.

  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/speech-clarity/ Speech Clarity - Does My Child Need Help? | Vocalsaints - By ensuring kids have great speech clarity at the right age, we prepare them to get the most out of early schooling. Vocalsaints Speech Therapy can help! 
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/language-delay/ Language Delay: How Parents Can Help | Vocalsaints - A language delay can be caused by under-stimulation, or a more serious problem such as hearing loss. Whatever the reason, Speech Therapy can help.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/late-talking-boys/ Late Talking Boys: Why We Must Be Proactive… and How! | Vocalsaints - When when late talking boys are not given assistance, their future well-being is put at risk. Speech-Language Therapy will help their language grow!
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/pre-verbal-skills/ Pre-Verbal Skills - How To Raise Great Talkers | Vocalsaints - A baby's first words usually appear around 12 months, but there are many pre-verbal skills to be learned beforehand! Here's how speech therapy can help.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/autism/ Autism Spectrum Disorder - How To Help Your Child | Vocalsaints - Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neural developmental disability, which affects social and communication skills. Speech-language therapy can help!
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/school-readiness/ Ready for School? Speech Therapy Can Help! | Vocalsaints - Starting school is an exciting and monumental time in a child’s life! Speech-Language Therapy can help your child get ready for school.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/stutter/ Speech Therapy for Stuttering | Vocalsaints - Speech therapy for stuttering individuals of all ages has been proven effective. This introductory article explains how we can help.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/adhd/ ADHD Children Can Thrive - Here's How To Help | Vocalsaints - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects 5% of Kiwis. Speech-Language Therapy can be very helpful for ADHD kids - read on to see why!
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/apd/ Auditory Processing Disorder | Vocalsaints - People with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) experience issues with their focus, comprehension and recall. Here's how speech-language therapy can help!
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/adults/ Speech Therapy for Adults | Vocalsaints - Vocalsaints is happy to provide speech therapy for adults; call today to discuss your concerns over an obligation free chat.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/dyslexia/ Dyslexia: Speech-Language Therapy Can Help! | Vocalsaints - Dyslexia is a processing disorder that affects both written and spoken language. Read on to find out how speech-language therapy can help.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/dyspraxia/ Dyspraxia / Apraxia of Speech - Speech Therapy Can Help! - Dyspraxia – officially known as Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) – is a motor speech disorder. Here's how speech-language therapy can help.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/meet-vocalsaints/ Introducing Vocalsaints Speech Therapy Wellington Ltd - Introducing Vocalsaints Speech Therapy Wellington Ltd, helping people of all ages become great communicators since 2010! 
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/free-consultation/ Free Consultation | Speech Therapy | Vocalsaints - Finding the right Speech-Language Therapist is essential to achieving success in therapy overall. Get in touch to book your free 30 minute consultation.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/what-to-expect-in-therapy/ What to Expect From Speech-Language Therapy | Vocalsaints - Speech-Language Therapists (SLTs) assess and treat speech, language and feeding/swallowing issues. This article aims to demystify the processes involved.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/faqs/ Frequently Asked Questions | Vocalsaints - Here are some commonly asked questions about speech and language therapy and how it can help your family.
  • http://vocalsaints.co.nz/prices/ Prices | Speech Therapy | Vocalsaints - Vocalsaints offers a range of speech-language therapy services, including written reports and letters of referral. Check below for prices and other details.

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