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  • Danny - Overrated and not practical

    This car seat is extremely tall. Even with the headrest on its lowest it is still almost higher than the passenger side headrest. The seat itself is so elevated that I have to be extremely careful when taking my daughter in and out of the seat because she'll hit her head on the top of the car. The seat does not have any cushion. The seat belt does come with pads but it is not soft and causes irritation on my daughter's neck. The circular pad by the buckle of the seat belt is so look it comes off almost every time I take daughter out of the car seat. The headrest barely provides support. For the price I would have been better off getting something else.

  • A. Symons - Slightly better than the JD 2015

    Slightly better than the JD 2015. More good songs in here. They give you some frees songs if you start to score really high. Otherwise you have to buy new songs to add. Seems a bit scammy, Sony!

  • Engineering Dad - Good quality filament

    IC3D has a new permanent customer. This filament works great. Very impressed with the consistency and texture of the filament. I like the quality of my prints with this filament, that I decided to order other colors.

  • Jamie K. - Nicely packaged, instructions and labels are concise and easy ...

    Nicely packaged, instructions and labels are concise and easy to understand. I enjoy the daytime tea a little more than the night time, but that's just personal preference. The reason I did not give this 5 stars is because I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my unbiased review, and the companies want reviews ASAP. Well, no product that takes 30 days or more to see results is going to get 5 stars when they only give me a chance to use it for just a few days. My review is based on description, flavor, packaging, and overall value.

  • zebulon division - very forgiving sail

    There is probably about a zero percent chance a hobie kayak will tip over with this sail in any kind of wind you'd want to out in a boat in. If anything, it makes the kayak more stable as it cuts though rougher seas. I have sailed a bunch of small sailboats such as minifish, sunfish, hobie one, laser, etc. This sail is nowhere near as fast or responsive as a regular sailboat sail, but is much better suited to a wide variety of unpredictable wind conditions, especially those of large lakes and ocean, and is infinitely more stable. In a 10mph wind, you will be lucky if you break 2mph without pedaling. This is not a fast sail by any means, but one that adds much mental comfort in adverse conditions, as well as the always appreciated rest of arms and legs.

  • mayra morales - Great Professional Quality, Brushes while It Straightens to perffection" Great results!

    This Professional hairstraitghtner from pretty queen is amazing and it has great quality straightens my hair to perffection just like going to the salon and getting it proffessionally done now, i have the ability to get it done just from home with the comfort of my space! love this & i truly recommend it 100% to anyone who is looking for a really great product and hair tool waiste no time, the heat on this is great i accompplished what i wanted for my hair with this amazing brush! straightens and brushes threw my hair at the same time leaving me with a sleek shine and beautiful straight hair a "must" have! I recieved this amazing product! at little to no cost to me in exchange for my honest Opinion.