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Private Walk in Clinic | Urgent Same Day Doctor | Central London GP - Visit our private clinics located conveniently in the heart of London specialising in GP services, STI tests, travel vaccines, visa and employment medicals.

  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about About us | Private GP | Medical Services | Walk-in Clinic London - The Walk-in Clinic is part of the Harley Street CentreHealth Group and offers private GP and urgent doctor services 7-days a week in the City and Harley Street.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about-who-we-are Who we are | Harley Street & City Clinics | Walk-in Clinic - As part of the Harley Street Health Group, the Walk-in Clinics provide confidential and same-day medical services. STD screens, urgent GP and private doctors are available.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about-testimonials Testimonials | Patients Opinion & Feedback | Walk-in Clinic - A selection of testimonials that we received from our happy clients who have had treatments at our clinics.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about-in-the-press In the Press | Private Walk in Clinic | Urgent Same Day Doctor | Central London GP - Our clinics frequently appear in news and articles both on and offline. Read what the press has to say about us.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/rates Rates | Private Walk-in Clinic | Same Day Doctor | London GP - What you see is what you get – no hidden charges, phlebotomy fees or prescription charges. Test prices do not include a consultation.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/contact-city-of-londonWe Contact Us | Private Walk-in Clinic | City of London - We open earlier than any other clinic in the square mile & manage our appointments to minimise waiting times. Call us or just walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/contact-harley-street Contact | Walk-in Clinic Harley Street | Private GP Services - We close later than any other similar clinic in the area and on the weekends, giving you time to see a doctor out of working hours. Call us or walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/corporate-contact Contact Us | Corporate Healthcare Services | Walk-in Clinic London - We welcome enquiries from companies of any size and in any sector. Please call us or walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp Same Day GP London | Urgent Doctor Appointment | Walk-in Clinic - If you are looking for an appointment with a doctor the same day, contact us for our sameday GP services provided at the Walk-in Clinic.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/PrivateGP-Today Private GP Appointments | Same day Doctor | Walk-in Clinic - We provide private same day doctors on both our City of London and Harley Street walk-in clinics. All our doctors are experienced and you will never see a nurse.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-prescription-service Prescription Service | Private GP and doctor services | Walk-in Clinic - We offer a prescription service as part of our doctor consultations. We can provide repeat prescriptions or prescribe new medication after assessment and discussion.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-specialist-referrals Specialist Referrals | Fast Specialist Appointments | Walk-in Clinic - The Harley Health Centre Group has a network of respected specialists in the London Bridge Hospital and Harley Street area. See us now for a quick referral.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/medicals Medical Examinations | Health Checks | Walk-in Clinic London - Our clinics offer a broad range of routine medicals and check-ups to help you understand the state of your health and prevent future illness. Call us now.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-minor-injuries-procedures Minor Injuries and Procedures | Private GP Services | Walk-in Clinic - London - Our clinics provide medical treatments to minor injuries such as cuts, burns and head injuries. Our services include stitching, X-ray referrals and Ultrasound referrals.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-ear-syringing-irrigation Ear Syringing | Ear Wax Removal | Ear Irrigation | Walk-in Clinic - Our service includes ear examination, prescription for softening and water-assisted ear syringing with the latest ProPulse system. Service is offered at both clinics.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-cardiac-testing Cardiac Tests | Rest & Exercise ECG Testing | Walk-in Clinic - Our Harley Street clinic is fully equipped for cardiac testing with on-site resting & exercise ECG & 24 blood pressure monitoring. Call us of just walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic Sexual Health | GUM Clinic | Full STD Testing | Walk-in Clinic - Confidential sexual health medicals and STD tests with an experienced doctor, not a nurse. Results of blood tests are returned within 24 hours.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-full-std-screen STD Testing | Full Sexual Health Screening | Walk-in Clinic - We provide discreet and full-range STD screens at both of our clinics. You will see an experience doctor, never a nurse and your confidentiality is secure with us.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/HIV_Test_60sec HIV tests | Instant & Antibody Test | Walk-in Clinic Central London - We offer HIV tests from an early stage. Our services are performed by experienced doctors and fully discreet and we will not contact your GP.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-chlamydia-tests Chlamydia Testing | Symptoms & Treatment | Walk-in Clinic - Chlamydia is one of the most common STD's and is easily treated with the appropiate course of antibiotics. Contact us for an appointment for Chlamydia testing.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-gonorrhoea-tests Gonorrhoea Treatment | Symptoms & Testing | Walk-in Clinic - Gonorrhoea can cause severe health issues if left untreated. Testing for Gonorrhoea involves taking swab samples or urine. Call us now to make an appointment.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-hepatitis-tests Hepatitis B & C Testing | Antigen & Antibody Tests | Walk-in Clinic - Hepatitis is a viral infection which can cause severe damage to your liver. The earlier you are diagnosed with Hepatitis, the better your progonis will be.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-syphilis Syphilis Test | Symptoms & Diagnosis | Walk-in Clinic London - Syphilis is an illness with symptons being hard to spot, this makes testing very important. We can return the results of the blood test withing 24 working hours.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-herpes-tests Genital Herpes Testing | Treatment & Symptoms | Walk-in Clinic - Herpes is a Viral infection caused by the Herpes Simples Virus, and is often chronic or recurrent. A test is a blood sample or swap and takes 4-7 days to be return
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-bacterial-infections-tests Bacterial Infections Treatment | Penis Infections | Vaginal Infections | Walk in Clinic London - We have treatments for all infections including penis infections, so do not delay in getting tested to prevent your condition worsening & to prevent transmission to others. Call us now to book an appointment.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-hpv-tests HPV Testing | Human Papilloma Virus| Sexual Health | Walk-in Clinic - HPV is a viral infection of the skin and linings of body cavities. HPV is linked to cervical cancer and testing in time is therefor important.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-confidentiality Confidentiality | Private Medical Results | Walk-in Clinic - The Walk-in Clinic is known for its emphasis on confidentiality. We do not require your real name or GP's details. Please visit our website for all the details.

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