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  • RONALD B. KOPF - don't waste your time on mixing baking soda with salt - ...

    Fleabusters has been around for a long time. It may take up to three to four weeks to completely eradicate your flea infestation but eventually it absolutely does work. For you cheapskates, don't waste your time on mixing baking soda with salt - it does not work. Buy the Fleabusters. It's worth it.

  • melissa grunwaldt - son loves it

    really great collection of all the Gorillaz music, my son loves it. The art work is really cool too, he says

  • D. Willard - Thundershirt

    Our dog is a jumper, she jumps all over people when they come through the door, whether they are friends or strangers. If I know someone is coming and I put the Thundershirt on her, she is much calmer.She will dance around them but not jump up. It really does work. she also has seperation anxiety, when we all go out she usually finds something to rip up or destroy for spite. Since wearing the Thudershirt this has not been happening at all. We are very pleased with the product and would recommend it.

  • California Customer - Upgrade well worth Ritz $26.

    Nice interface upgrade from 2012 model. Streaming improved. Channel up/down is slightly slower. Only problem was failure to find wireless network---had to go into hidden menus (Mute 1 8 2 Power) and change wi-fi region to "A"; now works well.

  • ginam919 - Miracle milk making pills

    My supply had started to dwindle and I sware these pills helped maintain and boost my supply back up for my now nine month old. I take them religiously.

  • Angela A. - Best Recipes my whole family loves too!

    I have been looking through this cookbook with delight since receiving it yesterday! I cannot even say enough good about Gina and the amazing recipes she does. They are so full of flavor, easy to make, and healthy eating at its finest. I have been cooking her meals for a solid 2 months since starting Weight Watchers and I can tell you, because of Skinnytaste recipes, this is a journey that I am enjoying unlike any other time I've tried to eat better, more healthy, and for weight loss! If you need the Weight Watchers Smart Point values for each recipe in the book, you can find it on her website by clicking on the "Cookbooks" tab.