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  • Demitrius - Highly Recommended ; Works in about two weeks

    For those of you who are concerned if this product works or not, it does. I had a corn located between my toes (called a "soft corn") and it was very painful at times. I was going to use this product first before I would decide to go to a foot doctor. I'm glad that decision was made because after about two weeks (as the packaging says) the corn was removed, and the pain is gone. Using the product is very easy, and it feels comfortable when on. Highly recommended. Also, I saved a lot of money by not going to the foot doctor.

  • Handyman - Replaced turbo-tax

    After years of using Turbo-Tax. I started having big problems with E-Filing one year. The next year I could not even load the software, tried two different disc's. Switched to H&R Block, and never looked back. Works for me, I have a fairly basic income tax, and it's CHEAPER. This is my third year now, and no problem.

  • budgetmama - Compatiblity?!?

    Was SO excited to receive this software. Been a Quicken user all my life. CD says it's for Windows 7, but mine won't even download! :( Was pumped to get this baby downloaded immediately and get going with a new fresh start and now I can't even get it to read on my computer to download! :( REALLY bummed! Here's to figuring out how to get it downloaded.

  • steve rovik - Works great on explorer 2013

    Works great on explorer 2013. Easy to install. Only problem is, I purchased mid October for 114$ and now it's 72$.

  • Bill - Wifi cam doesn't last long, will start failing after short time. Also may be spying, phones home!

    Cam works okay only with the BVCAM app. Possible spyware in this cam firmware. So beware! The Wi-Fi cam connects fine and works well but only the BVCAM app can be used to connect to it to view the video. The app itself lists multiple functionality which this ipcam does not support but the functions that it does support are a bit flaky. Whenever you stop and restart the app, you have to go into the settings to reset the time clock so that it displays correct time stamp. The video is SD and acceptable to monitor your area(s). But the main reason I give it 2 stars is because this cam is not recognized by standard ipcam software detectors such as the ipcamera.exe windows software they provide on the little CD with the cam.

  • hartmanrex - Perfect portable space saving chair for our tiny 2 bed ...

    Perfect portable space saving chair for our tiny 2 bed apt. It's portable enough that it can go with you to restaurants or on the road.