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  • Dustin Self - and thought this would be fun to play with

    I've been playing guitar for 15 years, and thought this would be fun to play with. To my disappointment, it's pretty confusing, and I feel like I need a 200 page manual to play this game. I'll have to wait to play this until I have more time to figure out how it works. It's definitely not something you can just pick up and start playing; even if you are an experienced guitar player. Seems like there's a huge learning curve.

  • C. Panus - Fantastic Tool!

    We purchased this Nasal Vac when the Nosefrida wasn't getting the job done with my 25 weeker. We use a car vac instead of our house vac, because I don't want to risk our big vacuum's motor. It is Amazing! We use saline and this attachment and really get her cleaned out. Because she was on oxygen so long in the hospital, her lungs are damaged and keeping her upper airway cleaned out helps keep us out of the hospital longer when she is sick. The suction is not overpowering, she only fusses a little when we use the Nasal Vac. However, the suction is strong enough that we can put saline in one nostril and suck it out of the other enabling a saline wash.

  • Whistley21 - 4 stars day one, 1 star day two.

    Loved it for a day until it just stopped connecting. Set up was easy so I'm not sure about all the troubles that everybody else is having. Mine worked great for the first day and now it's just times out every time I try to connected to Wi-Fi. It's a bummer, I really wanted to like it

  • Nicholas Clark - Works great for home use

    I've used this UPS for about two months now and I bought it for two reasons. First was that my apartment was having micro power outages of about 5 secs at least once a week and the second reason was that my hard drives in my home server were going out because of sudden shutdowns. Since I bought this UPS I haven't had to worry about it. As long as my server is not under load it can run my router, modem and sever for up to 40mins. I setup the software to start a safe shutdown after 5mins and ran a few tests and it seems to work exactly as advertised. Also the USBs on the front are extremely helpful. They provide a full 2.1 amps so I use it anytime I need to charge my phone in a hurry and if I ever have an extended power outage I'll really love the fact that they can run off the battery.

  • dave - Nice Upgrade

    I installed this on my '08 Roadliner using just a metric socket set. This is perfect for me because it's not too loud around the neighborhood while I limp-wrist the throttle. Once on the road, however, it opens up with a nice tone and volume at normal speeds. And when you lay into the throttle, it really barks loud. The part I like best is that it provides the bike with noticeably better throttle response than the stock muffler. I didn't install any additional electronics or intake modifications and it really like this simple configuration. I have made several mods to my bike but this slip-on is my favorite one. The quality of this product is excellent but the price seems a bit high so only 4 stars.

  • Isabelle - Awesome Protector!

    I have been using this product over the past few days. The package came with everything you need for a successful installation. The installation kit includes a wet wipe, a dry wipe, two stickers to be used during the installation. As long as you follow the instructions, installing the screen protector should be easy and bubble-free. This screen protector does not cover the entire screen, but it covers enough.

  • Roy A. - Great Stuff

    My advice is to get this stuff through a person who sells it - I get all 3 blends and it costs me $60 a month. Conflicting research? Not hardly. The wikipedia site is very biased against Juice Plus - I know because I looked up all the studies. Believe me, the research is there to support it being beneficial by doing things such as boosting the immune system and reducing oxidative stress - and these findings have all been duplicated in randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trials - and ladies and gentlemen, you can't do much better than that.