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  • Mach1ownr - Here is the good. Runs very quiet

    I bought this with a wheel kit (must have if you move it more than once). Here is the good. Runs very quiet. I had mine about 50 feet away and could hear my neighbors down the street, about 600 feet away and my other neighbors on the other side of my house about 700 feet away over mine. Starts after 2-3 pulls. Ran all day (10 hours) powering my fridge, deep freeze, tv, router, cable modem, voip router, 2 phones, and 2 lights on just under a tank of gas.

  • L. P. Rumpf - Some of the beginning story make you wonder why they ...

    Some of the beginning story make you wonder why they were chosen.....but then you get solid short stories one after another.....

  • kellisue123 - overpriced and didnt work

    save your money for a wig. this may be all natural but it doesnt work. i tried the shampoo and the oil treatment. hair still fell out, i tired it for six months but it didnt help me. myabe it will help someone else.but for what i cost no thank you.