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Westcoast Integrative Health | North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic - Westcoast Integrative health provides person centered primary and preventative family medicine through natural treatments and recommended lifestyle changes.

  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/sibo/ SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit Westcoast Integrative Health for onsite SIBO testing in Canada. Our functional medicine doctor can provide a very fast diagnosis and treatment.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/treatment-options/allergy-testing/ Allergy Testing - Westcoast Integrative Health - We provide allergy testing, and natural solutions for allergies and food sensitivities and through specialized testing have successfully treated allergies.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/marshall-protocol/ The Marshall Protocol - Westcoast Integrative Health - The Marshall Protocol offers a very effective treatment approach to people suffering from chronic disease. Using a functional medicine approach is critical.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/gastrointestinal/ Gastrointestinal Health - Westcoast Integrative Health - Key lifestyle & diet changes to protect your gastrointestinal health – the key to protecting your overall health, as it houses most of your immune system.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/mental-health/ Mental Health - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit Dr Brian Davies, North Vancouver naturopath for a functional medicine approach to all mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/hormonal-health-concerns/ Hormonal Health Concerns - Westcoast Integrative Health - Hormonal health concerns affect our mood, energy, sex drive, metabolism and all other bodily functions. Learn more from our North Vancouver clinic.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/neurological-mental-health/ Neurological Health Conditions - Westcoast Integrative Health - We provide evidence-based medical support for those suffering from neurological health conditions at our North Vancouver clinic.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/lyme-disease Lyme Disease - Westcoast Integrative Health - Lyme disease is a serious infectious disease with a variety of symptoms that can affect all organ systems in the body. Learn more about testing and symptoms
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/weight-loss-program/ Weight Loss Program - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our Naturopathic weight loss guru, Dr Brian Davies to start your clinically supervised weight loss program today.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/contact-us/ Contact Us - Naturopath North Vancouver - Contact Us - Westcoast Integrative Health is a premier functional medicine practice in North Vancouver. Our North Vancouver Naturopath is the best!
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/gaps-diet/ The GAPS Diet - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our North Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor for functional medical support through the GAPS diet.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/blogs-and-media/ Blogs and Media - Westcoast Integrative Health - Our North Vancouver clinic aims to be a community service space with detailed answers to common health questions, personal stories and more.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/digestion_assessment/ Free Digestive Health Assessment - Westcoast Integrative Health - Fill in our Vancouver naturopathic clinic's Digestive Health Assessment form and your free assessment and lifestyle suggestions will be sent within 48 hours
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/coming-closures/ Up Coming Closures - Westcoast Integrative Health - Important dates of up coming closures at our North Vancouver naturopathic clinic.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/functional-medicine-challenge/ A Functional Medicine Challenge - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our functional medicine based naturopathic physician in North Vancouver for a functional medicine challenge.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/biotypes-add-walsh/ Biotypes of ADD - Walsh - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our functional medicine expert for advanced testing options for people battling attention disorders, including ADD and ADHD.

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  • Amazon Customer - I love my results with Ovasitol

    I love my results with Ovasitol. I feel like my hormones are in balance. I don't know if it's a mood stabilizer or not but my mood has been outstanding

  • Richard M Montgomery - A very light oil that I need for my 1954 ...

    A very light oil that I need for my 1954 L. A. Olds Ambassador trumpet. Oil works well with my old valves.

  • Francisco Moya Huff - Ringo and band are fun and great.

    He and the All Starr Band played their concert in Puerto Rico a couple of weekends ago and they were great. This DVD is the closest to seeing him and the all starr band live.

  • Pyra Destini - Wonderful lash product

    My daughter and I really like using this Castor oil. It feels great to be doing something for my lashes which help them to grow and be strong instead of mascara which probably just makes them more weak.

  • Sarah Davis - Only 1 flaw. manageable but bloody annoying tell you fix it.

    Great at what it does, but the rubber ear piece is way to small and there are not replacements. Problem is, this the relies on that ear rubber to stay in place. If you have some laying around it uses any standard rubbers. So what would have been 5 stars gets a 4. I can't imagine why there erred on the side of way to small. Other then that it's great.

  • R. Baird - Pretty great messenger bag

    This bag is pretty great. The medium fits a 15" laptop, although I won't always need that feature. I mostly wanted a bag.

  • S. Ellis - Not suitable for Laundry use.

    Probably a very good cable in many applications, but the low melting point of silver means that these are NOT suitable for thaumatological grounding purposes in a Doh-na summoning grid. Plus, you WILL need special handling precautions if any of the grid users are werewolves.