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  • daisy - burned my face

    just like the other reviews said. horrible company. i have never had such a terrible reaction to a facial moisturizer. furthermore, you would expect an organic product to be more trustworthy. my only worry now is the time that it will take for my face to return to its former state.

  • Kathleen E. - not for old dogs

    My dog is almost 13, a black lab. After I put on this collar on he stopped eating. He was living on treats unless I mixed a little of his dog food with liver or fed him ground meat and rice. But he wasn't right, less energy. He had diarrhea and throwing up after he ate the kibble mixed with the liver or ground meat and rice. After reading a few reviews I removed the collar. Also developed a rash around his mouth, a bumpy and dry.

  • MelissaRose - against policy

    reviewing the product, not from this seller. It odd against the itworks company policy to sell on Amazon. There is no way to be sure these masks aren't expired and you won't get the best results from an excited product. To get the 4 pack for 59$ and directly from ItWorks global so you know you're begging a quality product. Visit

  • trueimage - I was about to return it because of the smell

    My crock pot, like other reviewers', gave off an awful smell the first three times that we used it. Some have described it as an electrical burning. My food was ruined as it had an extremely bitter taste. I contacted customer service, and they said that I had to make sure that I had thoroughly and properly washed the unit before using it, and removed all of the packing material, including the piece between the liner and the base. They also said that...

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect fit. Nice feel

    This case fits PERFECT on iPhone 7 plus. Nice and snug and has a real nice feal in my hands. All ports are easily accessible and side buttons are still easy to adjust up or down. Would definitely recommend for anyone.

  • Nisha - ... son is just over 20 lbs and fits really nicely in this seat

    My son is just over 20 lbs and fits really nicely in this seat. We have only used it rear facing so far, but it is easy to adjust and also ensure it is installed properly. I like how the strap covers are adjustable (the others we have had were not and it was uncomfortable for my son). He seems very comfortable in the seat and the reclining options are ideal.

  • Amazon Customer - Allergic reaction

    Ended up in urgent care for a severe reaction to the cleanse. Had sinusitis so badly could not stop itching sneezing eyes watering etc. told my distributer and he said it couldn't have been from this. I knew it was though. I had Never had that before and it happened as soon as I started taking the probiotic part of the cleanse. After reading so many other reviews about rashes etc it's clear now. It obviously triggers some kind of histamine response.