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  • Katrinka Solomon - Great product and loved the color

    I purchased this case because of the reviews. The day it arrived I did the tissue test (1 hour test with 2 coffee cups on it to keep it down and it past with no problem. Tissue test: Place a dry tissue inside the case and put in water, I placed 2 coffee cups on it to keep it down and let sit for an hour. Took it out and let it dry then took a paper towel and wiped it off. Took it to the river the next day and was able to use it all 5 days. I didnt have one problem, kept my phone dry.. not even a drop on the inside. I took pictures and videos while my phone was inside the case and they were as clear as if the phone was out of the case. I also took videos going down the river, small rapids and it did great. I would def. recommend this product. I could have sold these at the river, everyone wanted one. LOL

  • Anthony C. Sivadge - Perfect for Explorer.

    Great little antenna. This was the difference between getting my new Explorer or not. The length is perfect, works great, it looks better than the stock antenna and it feels very solid. Now my car fits in the garage. As a bonus it's American made!

  • Virgil - Not a wasted moment. Superb! Everyone must see!

    Really great and wonderfully unique Hercules story. Can't go wrong with Johnson and McShane (An interesting combo of personality and Shakespearean right?). Each and every performance and dialogue was superb; wish all "epic" movies could be done like this but most myth/superheroe movies fall teribbly short on the most important elements- the dialoque, acting, moral message, bravery, emotion and drama. This movie hits the mark and then some. A total enjoyment from the very start to the very end. Not a single wasted word or wasted scene in this movie. Everyone of every age should see this film. They will certainly enjoy it!

  • Honesty - PS VR is an euphoric experience. I did not get motion sickness & I'm someone who gets motion sickness easily. It is amazing.

    I have not had an euphoric experience playing a game system like this since I was a child. I was worried going in because I get motion sickness easily especially with games with a bad camera, some FPSs, &/or games with low framerates, but I have not had a problem so far. I used Bonine (meclizine) before I played & I took a break whenever I started to feel questionable. I'm pleased as Punch because motion sickness was my biggest fear when buying the system.

  • kflynn - Cheaply made

    Very cheaply manufactured and causing all sorts of blisters. I would avoid and stick with a shoe that you can try on first.