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  • bambooligan - awesome product

    great leave in hair conditioner. Makes my hair so soft and smooth without making it greasy. Great for my extensions. I use a few drops and rub it on my hair ends. I also love using this on my skin. Great for my hands after a manicure.

  • Hasel - Does a great job!

    Wonderful! All it takes to become a believer is to see the used water after using this machine on what you 'thought' was an already clean floor! And if you think about it, it just makes sense that it is better to have continuous clean water rather than using the dirty water in a mop bucket. It's easy to fill and to change the water and clean the filter. And with this machine you can completely finish the floor one section at a time. You vacuum a section, switch to mop, switch to dry and you are completely finished with that section of floor. This is especially helpful when it is necessary to move furniture. I use the Hoover cleaning product and it works very well on my hard wood floors. But I guess you could use any other wood floor cleaner that can be mixed with water.