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wirebackup - Blog - Patch 1. March 2. 01. 0, and also included a ladder reset. The most prominent change is the addition of the respec feature.

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  • pausa - Warning for chicks

    Great tea, good taste and its well beyond soothing for bedtime but please be warned that it does contain st. john's wart which is an herb that can reduce the effectiveness of your hormonal birth control pill. Check the warnings on you pill, mine warns against taking st. johns wart.

  • Maryanne McGee - Did not work, no refund

    Purchased this under the assumption I had thirty day trial. I used it for over two weeks 3 to 4 times a day with no relief, I tried to return it, and was told no refunds. would not recommend this product, and definitely not esourcewellness.

  • Amazon Customer - The waffle iron does not cook evenly at all - ...

    The waffle iron does not cook evenly at all - the rear 2 waffles tend to get burnt before the front 2 waffles are even cooked. Additionally, the waffles only get cooked from one side - so you get uneven cooking on each waffle as well.

  • beachbum - good vitamins

    My son who is 13 loves these vitamins. Yes, they are big but he doesn't care. Makes him feel special and he doesn't wine about the size. If you have a picky child, then don't get these. He doesn't have a problem taking the vitamins and does so on his own every day. And suggested serving size is 1 to 3 pills a day. He only takes one a day. I can't write a review on the contents of the vitamins, because I don't have a lab at home, but he hasn't had any issues. So all is good!

  • Big "E" - Alot of tire for the money.

    Alot of tire for the money. Price was reasonable, tread is mildly agreesive for passenger vehicle tire. Great traction on wet roads. Tire was offered in 275/55 20 and most are not offered in this large size at this price.

  • Jeremy W. Wininger - Would not recommend!

    We have bought just dance every year it's come out but decided to try the kids version this year because I thought the regular one was to adult for my 9 year old. But the kids version needs a lot of help. My daughter played with it for 15 minutes and won't pick it back up and the songs choices aren't much to pick from. I would recommend for 5 and under.

  • SoftSupple - overnight relief.

    So we decided to take a chance and start working out... By husband feet sweat alot alot and my back started to itch once I left the pool, our trainer suggested this and overnight his feet stopped smelling and no need for jock itch creams. my back doesn't itch anymore. I love the tingly fresh feeling that comes as I rinse fresh and clean...