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Addiction Intervention & Recovery Case Management | Hired Power - Hired Power Transitional Recovery and Addiction Intervention Services, the leading professional addiction and mental health global support services company.

  • http://wp.hiredpower.com/recovery-assistance-services/the-vital-importance-of-transitional-support/ Transitional Support Los Angeles | Orange County - Since its inception, Hired Power has been referred to by more than 350 leading treatment providers to provide transitional support and recovery services.
  • http://wp.hiredpower.com/interventions/ Addiction Intervention Los Angeles | Orange County - Addiction is a life threatening disease. The key to successful interventions is preparation, planning and professional experience. Call 800-910-9299.
  • http://wp.hiredpower.com/recovery-assistance-services/safe-passage-transitions/ Sober Transportation Services Los Angeles | OC - At Hired Power, we provide Safe Passage for clients and families during this significant transition period.
  • http://wp.hiredpower.com/recovery-assistance-services/who-benefits-from-services/ Personal Recovery Assistant Los Angeles | Orange County - Hired Power has a Transitional Recovery Service utilizing Personal Recovery Assistant services to support the ongoing daily needs of living in recovery.
  • http://wp.hiredpower.com/recovery-assistance-services/ Personal Recovery Assistance Los Angeles | Orange County - A carefully structured transition plan guided by a professional recovery assistance providing support and mentoring is essential. Call 800-910-9299 today.
  • http://wp.hiredpower.com/recovery-assistance-services/sober-monitoring/ Sober Monitoring Services Los Angeles | Orange County - Clean Sober Monitoring is an evidence based, proven method of supporting sober skill development following the completion of primary substance abuse treatment.
  • http://wp.hiredpower.com/recovery-assistance-services/recovery-care-management/ Recovery Care Management Services Los Angeles | OC - Hired Power: Learn about Recovery Care Management, a supplemental service that provides added sober support and guidance for clients and family members

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  • B. Foster - Not happy!

    So sorry I bought this because it was a waste of money! Does not remove the hair on my legs at all, which is why I primarily bought it. Some times it doesn't even come on. I'm following the instructions which I have read, and re-read. I charge it all the time, so it's not because it needs a charge. Just think it was truly a waste of money!

  • Quester92 - This biosilk is really great! I decided to get it despite the fact ...

    This biosilk is really great! I decided to get it despite the fact that products sometimes are different online than when you finally receive them in hand. So, I took the risk, and guess what? I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is excellent for the price. The packaging is excellent and protects it during shipping. I also received it faster than I expected! Please note that I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. Despite the discounted price, I have not allowed the opinions expressed in this review to be affected. Therefore, I have consistently made sure my review remains balanced and accurate. Thanks for reading.

  • Kate Farlow - 57 Stars, y'all!

    I adored this book, y'all. I really connected with Ryen and loved all of her flaws and quirks- she definitely made an interesting and unique heroine.

  • Gotta Tellya - I love Lucy and Desi, too!

    I thought this was a well written, thorough biography of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The author avoids negativity and judgmental remarks. He portrays Lucille and Desi as the talented, flawed in some ways yet still admirable people that they were. I am pleased that this book fills in the gaps in my knowledge of the lives of these two very special entertainers. Thank you, Mr. Harris.

  • Sherrie H. - Installs very easily and installs as a new version

    Installs very easily and installs as a new version; so if you have an older version, it will still be there to use (or delete). It is easy to use, especially if you had a previous version. Good cards and verses. The weakest link in this program is its graphics. Compared to other card programs, Hallmark's graphics are ok. Some graphics remind you of the 50s pictures. But there are a lot of graphics that can be used. I have been using the program for many years and am satisfied with the results.