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  • @Skyler-Dayvis - My Anti-Virus Just Expired so I Ordered This On.

    I Ordered This One Only To Find It's Missing 62 Days. so When I Activated It It Said I Have 303 Days Remaining. It Didn't Say Anything Like That When I Placed My Order Online. Im Going To Contact Amazon To See How Can We Fix This Problem Or If There Is A Way I Can Get My 62 Days. But other than that little problem my laptop is SAFE. ┐('•_•`)┌

  • Dorothy Lubbers - Keeps skin soft--much fewer wrinkles

    Been using it for YEARS. Wouldn't do without it. No one believes I'm as old as I am. I'm sure this has helped.

  • Amazon Customer - Handy version for your tablet!

    So very handy to have the New American Bible on your tablet, especially when on vacation. Navigating through the bible takes a little getting used to but quickly becomes more familiar. traditional footnotes to amplify the passages are helpful.

  • Jay Kay - Solid job search guide

    Solid job search guide. One tip - do not try to learn answers to interview questions by heart. It will always come different, and the chance that they will let you finish your statement, especially when there are two or thee interviewers, is rather unlikely. Keep mind the most important items that you want to get across, and squeeze them in wherever you can.

  • Halfie - go with Tile instead

    Like so many other reviewers on here, I don't have a single positive thing to say about this device. I purchased it and wasn't able to get it to pair with my iphone. Followed all the troubleshooting directions offered by customer service, still nothing. Tried a fresh pair of batteries, still no dice. Customer service told me the device was now out of warranty and they therefore could do nothing for me. Tile is clearly the way to go for your bluetooth tracking needs--as soon as I hit send on this review I'm purchasing one.

  • GrandmaG - Finally A Product That Works!!

    We installed El Dorado 12mm Hand Scraped Laminate in our home a few months ago. This flooring is in most of our home. I love how this floor holds up to the rough wear of our grand kids, pets and heavy foot traffic. When it came time to clean it. Well there were no directions how to. Go figure. So after searching the web and coming up with several home made recipes and disappointed each time. I finally came across Rejuvenate. BINGO. This product eliminated the streaks and film left by Vinegar. I was just about out of ways to clean this floor. So happy I didn't settle for dull, grimy floors. To the people with film build up. I'm puzzled as to why this is happening to you. Hopefully you do not give up and continue to look for a product that works as well for you.

  • RogueRiverRealtor - First time with dutch oven

    I bought a Le Creuset after looking at the other dutch ovens available. I figured it was worth it to buy the best, especially since a good seal is important for some dishes, like chicken & dumplings. I browned a small pork roast in it, then covered and baked it. It was juicy and tender, by far the best pork roast ever from that same wonderful recipe I'd used many times before. I understand that there is an Internet site for dutch oven recipes, and I'm going to go look for it!