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Abbott | Saúde Global e Pesquisas - Conheça mais sobre a Abbott, a empresa de saúde global que conduz pesquisas inovadoras e desenvolve produtos para a saúde humana em todos os seus estágios de vida.

  • http://www.abbottbrasil.com.br/carreiras.html Carreiras | Abbott BR. - Descubra oportunidades de carreira na Abbott e ajude a criar um impacto positivo na saúde da humanidade.
  • http://www.abbottbrasil.com.br/imprensa.html Central de Mídia | Abbott BR. - Acesse a últimas notícias e informações sobre eventos da Abbott, bem como recursos disponíveis para download pela imprensa e público geral.
  • http://www.abbottbrasil.com.br/viva-com-saude.html Viva com Saúde | Estilos de Vida Saudáveis| Abbott BR - Descubra estilos de vida saudáveis que irão ajudá-lo a viver bem em qualquer idade.
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  • http://www.abbottbrasil.com.br/viva-com-saude/saiba.html CONHEÇA | Saúde Preventiva| Abbott BR. - Conheça as descobertas e inovações que levaram a melhores tratamentos em todos os aspectos da saúde.
  • http://www.abbottbrasil.com.br/viva-com-saude/prospere/criancas/uma-oportunidade-para-prosperar.html Uma Oportunidade para Prosperar | Doenças Metabólicas Infantis | Abbott BR. - A pesquisadora da Abbott, Dr. Barbara Marriage e sua colega, a cientista Courtney Allgeier, criam fórmulas nutricionais que dão à crianças com disfunções metabólicas a chance não só de sobreviver, mas de prosperar.
  • http://www.abbottbrasil.com.br/politica-de-privacidade.html Política de Privacidade | Abbott BR. - Leia a política de privacidade para o site da Abbott US, incluindo a definição, coleta e uso de informações pessoais.

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  • L. Stark - Agadir works well.

    Agadir works well. It works just as good as Moroccan oil, but the product is a thinner. This is good and bad. Good, because you are in more control of the amount you use. Bad, because if you use a lot Moroccan oil you may go through this a little quicker. The smell is nice and the product does what it says.

  • salmonqueen - Better than crutches, not perfect

    Let's start by debunking a bit of marketing overstatement - you are not getting your life back. You are getting some of your life back, not as much as you would like, but some of it. HOWEVER...if you have foot, ankle or Achilles surgery, this will be your best option in most situations.

  • G. Menzies - Didn't work, left sores on my cat

    I had high hopes for this product. But after a few weeks, it not only didn't kill the fleas, it created a ring of sores around my cat's neck. My suggestion: stay away.

  • Amazon Customer - Even Better Than Expected

    I just finished changing my 30-year old beige laminate countertops to sleek black granite. The color actually makes the kitchen look larger and is perfect with the black frig and dishwasher. I researched every countertop paint available before I decided on Giani, watched every instruction video, read every tip, and even downloaded pictures of black granite to use as a guide. When you have zero artistic talent, you need all the help you can gather.

  • chole - It works well

    I used this along with parmers tommy butter and lotion when I was pregnant. I like this cream better than lotion, I feel like it offers good coverage. I don't have any stretch marks thanks to this product.This worked great for me.

  • Betty - Don't waste your money! Hallmark is NOT the very best!

    To say I am very disappointed with this Hallmark card software is an understatement. I bought their-top-of-the-line 2014 Deluxe Edition at $39.95 plus tax because I wanted the best available and expected it to live up to the Hallmark name and reputation. The picture quality of the card you see on the screen before printing is far superior to what is actually printed out on the card stock and I buy the most expensive card stock available. I have successfully used PrintMaster card software for years but due to upgrading to Windows 8.1 it was no longer compatible. PrintMaster Gold allowed me to import clip art and much more flexibility with both clip art and text plus it was very user friendly and more hands-on. Also the clip art was good quality when printed out. I take pride in turning out professional looking personal cards and envelopes and so far, I see no way that Hallmark can stand up. I can buy cards at the Dollar Store for less but have a reputation for sending exceptional personal cards to friends. The Hallmark software is not difficult to use although it has more steps so that's not my complaint. The images on the screen may look impressive but what is printed out is not and that's the bottom line. Don't disappoint yourself by buying this software.

  • Kailin Turner - Great Product

    I do get quite sweating hands during my pole class but recently purchased a pole and needed something for at home. This works pretty good! When I first apply it my hands are super dry so I cannot really slide on the pole at all (great for spinning poles) but as it wears off onto the pole it is perfect for sticking but lets you have the ability to slide down the pole as well. I am not a lotion person but I definitely had to wash my hands multiple times and apply lotion a few times to get the dry feeling off. I like the product and will continue to use it.