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  • http://www.accent.ma/content/about-us About Us | Accent -   Créée en 1998, DBM Maroc s’est  imposée  en tant que leader marocain dans l’importation l’assemblage et la  revente de hardware informatique et appareils mobiles. Répondant aux besoins de tous ses clients :particuliers, ménages, entreprises et administrations.    La vocation de DBM est de faire accéder ses clients au meilleur de ce que les NTIC peuvent offrir.  

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  • Junebug - Fun Paranormal Documentary

    If you are interested in anything paranormal, this is a cute/fun documentary with some amazing people being interviewed like Loyd Auerbach (who is the godfather of the paranormal, he's been on every ghost tv show since the 1970's) and Ross Allison who owns Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours and is President of the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (AGHOST). It does get a little slow at times but has some great funny moments, and if you are a paranormal investigator, it's cool to see some of the places they visit.

  • Lorraine Cheli - Nutritional Values

    I was very disappointed in my new Savor cookbook for my VitaMix machine. The original one that came with machine had the recipe plus the nutritional values, ex. sodium content, calories, fat etc. First of all the price was way out of line for a cookbook of this caliber, however, I was willing to pay the high price thinking it would be the only one I would need. I find I have to look up all the ingredients on the internet to get my sodium content, etc which takes the fun out of using the book. I purchased the VitaMix, which I love, due to health reasons and I am just sorry the Savor book has not met my needs.

  • Mr geocacher to you - A classic hand warmer that you don't throw away!!

    In our society of disposable goods, it is great to own a product that works and when you are finished using it, you put it back on the shelf and not in the trash.

  • Review Master - Over a dozen crashes in the first few days of use. Total JUNK!

    Terrible. This program crashes multiple times a day, causing massive frustration. I am using a new HP laptop with the dual I7 processor. This computer is plenty fast to handle this program but it has been a huge waste of money. You get what you pay for. I just downloaded Adobe Premier. I would love to be able to return this POS program for a full refund. Huge waste of time and money.

  • 5022 - Horrible packaging

    I had purchased this item before therefore I bought it again. When my package came in the solution was leaked all over the packaging it was no use to me and I just wasted my money.

  • Lulubluebelle - It works great for about 10 months. That's it. And this is my third one.

    I've had three of them and this is the outcome of all three: It works extremely well for about 10 months, then it starts cutting out and the call goes back and forth from your headset to your phone. Then the volume diminishes, even when you have it on the highest call volume setting. Then no one can hear you except for a few seconds at a time. Then you go online and Plantronics tells you to use the software updater. So you do that, and then you turn your phone off, turn it back on, pair it again and guess what? It made no difference. While you are on the Plantronics support site, you notice many people writing, "this is my third...fourth...headset with the same problem". So the moral to the story is that this is a GREAT headset for a limited period of time. Then you have to buy a new one. So the question is, is the money worth it for 10 months?

  • J. Savage - Makes beer better!

    Got mine setup today in a matter of minutes and enjoyed some fine IPAs for National IPA Day (Pliny the Elder, Ninkasi Beer Run and Stone Enjoy By). We were amazed at the luscious head the Fizzics generated and it holds it body throughout an entire glass. It definitely improved the experience. I'm afraid I'll not drink another beer at home without it! Cleanup was a breeze too. I might buy some more so I can do blind tastings since the bottle or can stays nicely hidden.