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Clinical Toxicology Testing and Pharmacogenomics (PGx) - ACLS provides diagnostic laboratory testing for physicians for the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring and treatment of medical conditions.

  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/online-bill-pay/ Online Bill Pay - Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions - With Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions, healthcare professionals can pay online for laboratory testing services.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/about/ ACLS: Advanced, Quality Diagnostic Laboratory Testing - ACLS is a trusted resource for healthcare professionals for diagnostic laboratory testing.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/our-services/ Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacogenetics at ACLS - ACLS provides healthcare clients with the highest quality toxicology and clinical testing in the industry.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/our-services/clinical-toxicology/ Clinical Toxicology at ACLS - Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions provides healthcare clients with the highest quality toxicology and clinical testing.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/our-services/clinical-toxicology/udt-urine-drug-testing-manhattan-ny/ Urine Drug Testing Laboratory - ACLS offers a menu of laboratory test options for urine drug monitoring solutions.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/our-services/clinical-toxicology/oft-oral-fluid-testing-new-york-city-ny/ Oral Fluids Drug Testing Laboratory - ACLS' oral fluid testing is a helpful resource for healthcare professionals seeking to detect recent use of drugs in patients.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/our-services/pharmacogenetics-testing-new-york/ Pharmacogenomics (PGx) at ACLS - Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions offers Pharmacogenomics (PGx) in cardiology, psychiatry, pain medicine and primary medicine.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/services/pharmacogenomic-testing-psychiatry-new-york/ Pharmacogenomics (PGx) in Psychiatry - ACLSmh™ - The ACLSmh™ helps determine potential drug reactions and appropriate therapy approaches for patients.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/services/pharmacogenomic-testing-in-pain-medicine-new-york-city/ Pharmacogenomics (PGx) in Pain Medicine - ACLSalgos™ - The ACLSalgos™ can help determine potential drug reactions and appropriate therapy approaches in pain medicine treatments.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/services/pharmacogenomics-in-primary-medicine-benefits-of-personalized-medicine/ Pharmacogenomics (PGx) in Primary Medicine - ACLSmed™ - ACLSmed™ testing aims to evaluate patient genetics, determine potential drug reactions and interactions, and choose the proper drug dosage.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/services/pharmacogenomic-testing-for-cardiology-personalized-prescribing/ Pharmacogenomics (PGx) in Cardiology - ACLScor™ - The ACLScor™ tests for all clinically-significant genetic variants in the enzymes responsible for metabolizing most medications.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/ Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions Resources - ACLS ensures to remain up to date on pharmacology-, toxicology-, pharmacokinetics- and pain management-related diagnostic test services.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/pgx-pharmacogenomic-drug-testing-new-york/ Pharmacogenomic Drug Testing - Pharmacogenomic (PGx) drug testing aids physicians in determining proper drug treatment, especially in patients who are taking multiple medications.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/benefits-of-pgx-testing-nyc-new-york/ ACLS PGx Testing Benefits - At Advanced Clinical Laboratory solutions, DNA tests are used to determine a patient’s response to specific medications based on genetics.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/clinical-guidance/ Pharmacogenomics: Medication Response Based on Genetics - Pharmacogenomics is a modern way to test a patient's response to medication based on genetics.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/dosing-recommendations/ Drug Recommendations with PGx Testing - PGx testing analyzes a patient's metabolic capacity, guiding a healthcare professional towards an optimal medication treatment plan.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/faq/ Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacogenomics FAQs - Clinical toxicology and pharmacogenomics at Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/interpreting-drug-test-results/ How to Interpret Drug Test Results - How to interpret negative specimens, positive specimens, adulterated / substituted specimens, and diluted specimens.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/drug-abuse-and-mental-illness/ Drug Abuse and Mental Illness - How common is comorbid drug abuse and mental disorders? How are mood or anxiety disorders and drug disorders related?
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/pharmacovigilance/ Pharmacovigilance - Pharmacotherapy is a large component of many approaches to pain management, but abuse for nonmedical reasons continues to be a problem.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/clinical-drug-testing-in-primary-care/ Primary Care Clinical Drug Testing - Primary care clinical drug testing can help healthcare professions to to evaluate patients, as well as support assessment and diagnosis.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/directives-for-adopting-udt/ Directives for Adopting Urine Drug Testing - Legislature has stressed the importance of adopting urine drug testing in clinical pain treatment.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/acls-drug-testing-program/ Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions Drug Testing Program - Before beginning opioid therapy, urine drug testing can identify preexisting substance-use disorders that could prevent effective treatment.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/resources/perspectives-on-clinical-udt/ Perspectives on Clinical Urine Drug Testing - Medication monitoring and drug detection in pain treatment patients often begins with in-office urine screens.
  • https://www.aclsdiagnostics.com/news/ Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions News - Follow the Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions news page for recent developments in clinical laboratory testing and the latest drug testing statements.

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