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Ancheng Pharma Limited --Baclofen|Cantharidin|Gabapentin|Prilocaine|Progesterone|Tetracaine - ACPL is a one of the top professional pharmaceutical suppliers in China which integrates manufacturing, R&D and international trade into one firm,Our main product including but not limited to APIs, fine chemicals, intermediates and new molecules.

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  • Jon S - So sad

    It makes those abused animal commercials with the sarah mclachlan music playing so much sadder when the one-eyed pug is 4 feet tall.

  • Ferns and Flowers - Great job!

    Love this product! Better than Bruce product. I think this shines the floor or in other words, does not leave a more dull finish as the Bruce product. This cleaner does not have a smell when put down. Just does a great job! Very happy.

  • Amazon Customer - Back to the Future - head turners and very comfortable!

    These are the coolest throwback shoes ever! Back to the Future - head turners and very comfortable!

  • Ethan Clegg - A bit too ambitious for a 3DS game

    This game is a prequel to the Wii U title, LEGO City Undercover. Don't go into it expecting much, though. The limitations of the 3DS make it impossible to render objects far away, so there's a LOT of fog effects. As a result, the world feels pretty empty a lot of the time. The loading times make it frustrating to play, too. I, myself, enjoyed it despite all this, but I wouldn't say it's really worth the full price of a 3DS game. The problem here was, they were trying to make a game of a scale that was WAY bigger than the 3DS could handle. They bit off more than the 3DS could chew!

  • joel rem - CR-V Crossbars

    No instructions but I found some online from the official honda site. Not sure why they couldn't have included directions or at least a url so I didn't have to search on line.

  • Leon Trollski - Because You Can Never Be Too Safe

    I want to thank Playmobil for adding Item 11 to "How To Tell if Your Country is Turning Fascist". Now we can add "pro-authoritarian propaganda showing up as children's toys" to the list. I'm sure 1930's Germany had Nazi propaganda bombarding children as well, right from birth.