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  • coachman - Excellent product, bad strap

    I love my MOOV. The strap is the only drawback. I've lost my pod three times but fortunately I've found it each time. The strap itself is very comfortable but doesn't secure the device very good. The MOOV now 2 is not for the faint of heart. I primarily do the 7+ minute workout and the walking workout. They will both push you and put a hurting on you. You'll sweat and you will be sore. If the company can remedy the strap issue it would easily be a five star review from me.

  • Michael - Great phone. but has its faults...

    I did not buy this phone on amazon. (I should have tho..) I paid about $150.00 and have owned it for about 3 months. The phone does not support favorite apps such as GTA San Andreas and the GTA iFruit app. But it does runs the basic. Facebook, youtube, twitter, netflix, hulu and Ect. Phone started shutting off and restarting every day. To get the phone back on, I have to remove the battery and put it back into place. Its a commen issue with this phone. However, if you dont have the money for the galaxy s series, galaxy prevail 2 does remind me of the galaxy s3 mini. I have compaired specs on this device and the S3 mini and this phone is a little better. But not better then the galaxy s3 itself. This phone is good for someone who doesent care to update to a half a thousand dollar phone.I personaly wouldent concider this a high or low end phone. Its perfect mid range. Things to know- it only has 2GB internal storage and apps can not be moved to SD card. But I have Facebook, hulu, netflix, facebook messenger and many more and still have room. So it is enough if you dont dont download too many apps. I also reccomend useing a headset to here people you're talking too better. (A standerd 3.5mm headset without mic will work). Also, the screen scratches very easy. So I also reccomend a case and screen protector if you buy this phone. But all and all, its a relly good phone.

  • Sara H - Does it's job as expected.

    Review for Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System: I ordered this product to install in a house that we were selling. Installation was simple and setting up the monitoring service wasn't difficult either. The house was vacant and I was notified via text messages from the monitoring company when people (realtors showing the house) disarmed and armed the alarm. I would go to the house after they left and make sure all the doors and windows were locked. A window was left unlocked twice, a faucet left on once, and lights left on several times. I'm glad I knew when to go over and check things out. Just as a side note, soon after I installed the alarm system, my husband went over to the house and had forgotten what the code was. I received a text right away that the alarm had been triggered and then immediately after that I received a phone call from the monitoring station wanting to know if they should dispatch the sheriff. I'm thankful this product does it's job as expected.

  • Justin Lafontaine - Great jacket

    Bought this for camping and backpacking. It packs away small, and is water proof. I would buy from this company again without hesitation.

  • nelson - great

    I love my purchase, I found what I was looking for, the item was the same as the description. Delivery time, communication, item features, and dimensions, everything was awesome thankssssssss

  • Roberta - but tried it and have had great results. Yes

    I was skeptical about the program, but tried it and have had great results. Yes, the products are pricey, but these are meal replacements not just added expenses. At the end of the month, I am actually saving money because I no longer buy pop; junk food; and stop at "to go" places for meals.

  • Mike Skolnicki - Highly Recommended

    I have had this generator for 3 years now. Starts on 1st or 2nd pull even in the winter. Runs my camping trailer with no problem in which I ran the A/C unit, microwave, coffee maker, several lights and TV and the same time with no problems. I bought the wheel kit which was definitely worth it. I use synthetic oil and go 50 hours between oil changes without any problems. I have over 600 hours on the generator to date.