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  • Amazon Customer - Not authentic

    Used this thinking it was the same product I always use. First of all the product was white, not the normal yellow-tone creamy texture. Usually when I put it in my hair, my hair instantly becomes soft, however, with this product that was not the case. The formula in this is not the authentic macadamia product at all. It did not leave my hair feeling soft and shiny as usual. Please do yourself a favor and get the real thing, not this imitation.

  • Ap6161 - Vitamins gummies : biotin and vitamin B complex

    When it comes to taking pills I am a big weinee, so if I can get my vitamins and minerals by gummies instead I am all for it. This lot has biotin gummies which are strawberry flavored, and the other vitamin B complex ones are an orange flavor. Of the two I prefer the strawberry but both are relatively good. Serving size for both of these is 2 per day. Both of these are full of essential vitamins and minerals that are good for everyone. I love taking bit in as I have thinning hair that seems to pull out often so I take biotin to make my hair and nails grow longer and heathier. This type of biotin is far easier to take than the pill type. This vitamin b complex not only contains vitamin b, but also vitamins a,c, and d, and e, as well as other valuable ingredients. I recieved these products/supplements for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. If you have found this review to be helpful please click on the yes below. Thanks!

  • Auggie - came out great but the bucket was the real surprise

    I mixed it in an old beat up and scuzzy five gallon pail. The project, cleaning up the John Deere lawn tractor, came out great but the bucket was the real surprise. Almost clean as new. Great product and you don't have to use a lot to get great results. Five Star worthy.

  • Stephen Buckley - Like "Mentholatum", but not

    For those of us who remember having our chests and lips slathered with foul smelling "Mentholatum" when we were sick as kids, this will bring back powerful memories. It's still the only thing that cures chromic chapped and split lips, and to this day it makes me want to get up and go to school the next morning, if simply our out of fear.