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Addiction Recovery Products- Tamperproof Automatic Pill Dispensers and Medication Storage - ProsperSafe Addiction Recovery Products - Pain Medication Management using Automatic Pill Dispensers and Tamperproof Medication Storage. Locked Devices for use in Pain Clinics.

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  • Amazon Customer - This is a terrible product. Inserting it is a mess

    This is a terrible product. Inserting it is a mess. Once in correctly it feels comfortable. It's been about an hour and I was minding my business on the couch when I felt a "pop", feeling a rush of warmth I raced to the bathroom. To my surprise (or not so much) my cup had tilted a little. I tried to push it back into place which made it shoot out at me, much like an artery when cut. My bathroom rug had blood on it, my toilet had blood down the front, ect. My bathroom turned into a horror scene. I was mortified. Taking it out was also a mess. I won't be using this product again.

  • Bunny the Mule - Thought Provoking - Must Read for Elected Officials

    Charles Murray is certainly a controversial author. While some may not agree with his conclusions, the statistics cited in this book are disturbing. He makes the case that our society is being divided between an educated upper class and a non-educated lower class and it is becoming increasingly difficult to bridge that divide. The divide is becoming not just one of financial means and education but also one of values and culture. This book should be a must read for every elected official in the nation - particularly those that go to Washington.