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Advil® em Cápsulas Líquidas, Ibuprofeno para dores de cabeça, costas e musculares - O site de Advil Cápsulas Líquidas, além de divulgar os benefícios e informações do produto, também disponibiliza conteúdo para auxiliar o usuário a detectar as principais causas das dores de cabeça, musculares e nas costas através de dicas e do teste.

  • http://www.advil.com.br/sobre-advil/beneficios-de-advil Benefícios de Advil® | Advil® em Cápsulas Líquidas, Ibuprofeno para dores de cabeça, costas e musculares - Seção mostra os benefícios do remédio Advil, um analgésico moderno, em cápsulas líquidas, que age mais rápido, além de ser suave, não agredir o estômago. Além disso, temos a linha do tempo, que mostra o histórico de Advil no Brasil e no mundo, a Campanha de Advil de 2010 e as citações sobre Advil em filmes, livros, seriados, músicas e por celebridades.
  • http://www.advil.com.br/fique-por-dentro Fique por Dentro | Advil® em Cápsulas Líquidas, Ibuprofeno para dores de cabeça, costas e musculares - Prestação de serviço para o usuário se informar sobre as novidades que o site oferece. Dicas sobre como melhorar os hábitos do dia a dia.
  • http://www.advil.com.br/fale-conosco Fale Conosco | Advil® em Cápsulas Líquidas, Ibuprofeno para dores de cabeça, costas e musculares - Área para o usuário deixar seu comentário, crítica, elogio ou sugestão sobre Advil® e o site.

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  • Abigail - Horrible Customer Service

    This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I really like the product but the employees are rude and very unhelpful. I have called at least 3 times to cancel and sent numerous e-mails. On my last phone conversation I was hung up on. They don't want to hear anything you have to say. I work for a Fortune 500 company training Customer Service. If any of our employees spoke to our customers the way they do they would no longer be employed.

  • joebell24 - The Very Best of Pink Floyd

    Pink Floyd’s The Wall clearly earned its prestigious reputation by taking the listener on an intense journey that portrays a story of a man whose life has been defined by abandonment and isolation. It’s no surprise that this album quickly rose to the #1 spot of every international sales chart by 1980, and to this day remains one of the best albums to ever bless the genre. Following the 1968 departure of front man Syd Barrett, the group struggled to pick up the pieces until their guitarist, Roger Waters, emerged as a new leader. Following their legendary creations of chart-topping albums in the 70’s like Wish You Were Here, Animals, and, of course, The Dark Side of the Moon, an idea hatched from Waters’ mind that created another masterpiece seen in The Wall. What makes this album resonate so much with me is the fact that this, like many of Pink Floyd’s other albums, is what is called a “concept album.” This means that it was meant to be listened to from start to beginning because every song connects in both overall plot and musical theme, as opposed to typical albums that have one individual song after another. So, if you’ve got 81 minutes to kill on a rainy day, I highly suggest listening to this beast in one sitting.

  • L. Green - Great Value- exact same textbook as the school uses!

    The same exact book my son is using at school and actually arrived in better condition than the one we had from them. Great value so my son doesn't have to carry it back and forth every day.