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AFREZZA® | Inhaled Insulin | Fast Acting Insulin | A1C Control - AFREZZA® is fast-acting, inhaled insulin that helps you reach and maintain your A1C goal.

  • https://www.afrezza.com/afrezza-mealtime/ AFREZZA® | Mealtime Insulin | A1C Control | Rapid-Acting Insulin - AFREZZA® inhaled insulin helps lower blood sugar spikes, helping you reach and maintain your hemoglobin A1C goal.
  • https://www.afrezza.com/how-afrezza-works/ AFREZZA® | How Rapid-Acting Inhaled Insulin Works - Inhale AFREZZA® insulin at the beginning of a meal. The fast-acting insulin helps control your after-meal blood sugar spikes that affect your A1C.
  • https://www.afrezza.com/why-afrezza/ AFREZZA® | Inhaled Insulin vs. Injected Insulin | Control Blood Sugar and A1C - If your current diabetes treatment plan isn't helping you maintain your A1C blood sugar control, AFREZZA® may be a mealtime insulin option for you to consider.
  • https://www.afrezza.com/starting-afrezza/ AFREZZA® | Meal Time Insulin | Dosing Information - Discover how to convert from injected mealtime insulin to AFREZZA® Inhaled insulin.
  • https://www.afrezza.com/faq/ AFREZZA® | Inhaled Insulin | Blood Sugar Levels | Mealtime Insulin - AFREZZA® is a mealtime insulin you breathe in. It helps to lower your blood sugar levels and control A1C as part of your overall diabetes treatment plan.

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  • ZenRN - Yeast infection alert!

    First of all, the directions say to spray on a clean and dried vagina and let sit for 5 MINUTES, then rinse or wipe clean. If i had a clean vagina, i would not be using this product in the first place! And let dry for 5 MINUTES?! What should i do, sit there and read a book?

  • jenn - Five Stars

    Adorable and good quality. It will be very warm for trick or treating outside! My daughter loves it!