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Aging Parents | Elder Care | Senior Care - Everything you need in one place: elder care articles, advice, caregiving tools, support group, and more. Covers all stages of senior care for elderly aging parents.

  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/Elder_Care_First_Steps.html Elder Care - Overcoming the challenges of long term elder care - Elder Care - First Steps: A walk through the first steps of your journey through elder care. It is intended as a primer ... a source of both information and comfort.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/TOC_Aging.html Table of Contents - If you have an aging parent or elderly spouse, here's help — elder care advice, articles and comprehensive checklists
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/suppinfo/_supplemental_info.html Supplemental Information - Seniors | Aging | Elder Care - If you have an aging parent or elderly spouse, and are a family caregiver, here are more helpful resources.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/Elder_Care_Checklists.html Elder Care — Have you missed something important? - Here are a wide variety of comprehensive checklists to help you avoid missing something important in the care for your aging parent or spouse.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/Reading_1.html Elder care — Recommended Reading — Page 1 - If you have an aging parent or elderly spouse, here's help — our elder care recommended reading list.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/Elder_Care.html Elder Care - Getting help for your aging parents - Whether you care for aging parents or an elder spouse, these elder care websites have the best information for family caregivers, and cover all aspects of elder care.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/Age_Dementia_Symptoms.html Age Dementia Symptoms — Alzheimers Symptoms - Age dementia symptoms — what are they? Are they different than Alzheimers symptoms — or senile dementia symptoms? Here's help.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/Medicare.html What is Medicare? Medicare Benefits - Medicare is the federal health insurance program that covers most people age 65 and older.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/Articles.html More helpful articles for caregivers - If you have an aging parent or elderly spouse, and are a family caregiver, here are more helpful articles.
  • http://www.aging-parents-and-elder-care.com/Pages/LTC_Glossary/LTC_GlossaryA.html Elder Care Glossary — A - Elder care has its own unique language. Here's help in words you can understand. Includes related financial, insurance and legal terms.

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