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The Law Offices of Alan I. Kaplan - Civil Litigation, Law Firm | Los Angeles, CA - Contact our law firm at (424) 371-8848 in Los Angeles, CA, to discuss civil litigation and your rights when it comes to business, real estate, health care, and internet laws.

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  • Alice Yanes - The traveler's guide to sights and places of interest

    The magazine is chocked full of interesting places to visit and make lasting memories. I am going to enjoy and make the most of my six issues of this magazine.

  • Michael Wilson - Fast Devlivery!

    I bought this one as a make up gift to my daughter. I was unable to get her this doll in 2012 because of some personal things going on. However the Mint Condition this arrived in is perfect to help complete the set that I've been collecting for her since she was born. Thank you to an amazing seller.

  • Rodney Shuck - Looove It

    I have played a lot of these match games most are lame or after your money to be able to play them. So far I have had a good experience from this App. Only on level 13 so far but I have had a lot of fun so far I will update my review as time goes on. 68 yr. Old man.

  • Erica - Love these shoes but colors are a little darker in person.

    These are my third pair of NIKE Flex, each has lasted me at least 2-5 years, I do a lot of walking but not much running (I know that's what they are meant for) I love these because they are light weight and comfortable with good arch support. I have a pretty high arch and I always wear a hole in the back of the heal inside with other shoes but not with these. They last and last until they just wont come clean anymore and then I get a new pair and keep the old pair for work. My only complaint with these is that the colors ae a little darker than i expected, the blue rubber on the bottom is not a clear blue like I thought, but i still really like them. Wish they were a little lighter grey but hey will probably look cleaner longer this way.

  • Amazon Customer - BE RESPECTFUL

    I'm giving this costume one-star because Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at the expense of cultures, histories and entire traditions. If you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead I recommend learning more about it and it's meaning, instead of wearing it as a costume because you think it looks cool.