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ALC Construction LLC - | General Contractor | Construction Management - General Contractor offers an extensive list of services in the area of Construction Management CM, mall renovation, mall extension, mall expansion and structural projects. Experienced and trained staff can efficiently handle any interior or exterior mall expansion, renovation project.

  • http://www.alc.construction/services/concrete.html ALC Construction LLC - Concrete - ALC Construction, LLC and the management team, have completed numerous concrete work throughout Southern California.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/ada-compliance.html ALC Construction LLC - ADA Compliance - The site development and grading must be designed to provide access to all entrances and exterior ground floor exist, and access to normal paths of travel.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/ada-compliance/ada-ramp.html ALC Construction LLC - ADA Ramp - ADA Access Ramp:slope greater than 5% gradient is considered a ramp, it must comply with all applicable requirements. All walking surfaces must be stable, firm and slip-resistant. Landings are required at the top and bottom of each ramp.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/ada-compliance/ada-compliance-ada-parking.html ALC Construction LLC - ADA Parking - Based on 2020 CBC and current ADA, Parking facilities, each lot or parking structure where parking is provided for the public as clients, guests or employees must provide accessible parking
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/building-pad-utitlities.html ALC Construction LLC - Building Pad | Utitlities - Building Pad and Utilities includes excavation, grading, and compaction for the building pad and all utilities underground for development.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/corridor-access.html ALC Construction LLC - Corridor Access - All corridors are fire rated, that includes, fire rated tunnel construction, full fire sprinkler and fire alarm system, ventilation exchange air conduits, smoke evacuation conduits, self closing doors and fire wall as designed.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/facade-improvement.html ALC Construction LLC - Facade Improvement - ALC Construction, llc. facade improvement will inviting general traffic through an attractive entrance or facilitate access to the mall and merchant stores, define the need of improving an existing blind façade.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/interior-renovation.html ALC Construction LLC - Interior Renovation - Alc Construction interior work can prove to be the most challenging to perform, the work has to take place at night, and during the day needs to be returned to business as usual, providing patrons a safe and clean shopping experience.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/parking-renovation.html ALC Construction LLC - Parking Renovation - Parking Renovation, includes rough grading, excavation, underground drainage, utilities, sub-grade base, asphalt, concrete paving, electrical light post, monument sign base, concrete curb gutters, swale, slurry finish, general striping and signage.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/private-building.html ALC Construction LLC - Private Building - The concrete contracts includes concrete foundation, pour in place walls, slab on grade, retaining walls, soldier piles, friction piles, shotcrete retaining wall, structural deck, parking development.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/signage-redirectional.html ALC Construction LLC - Signage & Redirectional - ALC Construction, llc. implements directional signs, digital signs and painted multi garage levels provide the proper directional.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/structural-cosmetic.html ALC Construction LLC - Structural & Cosmetic - Includes structural engineered plans, foundation such as spreading concrete footings, isolated concrete pads, friction piles, upper structure steel or concrete columns, main frame as steel beams, steel deck and light weight concrete topping.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/structural-concrete.html ALC Construction LLC - Structural Concrete - ALC Construction, llc. has completed numerous concrete work throughout Southern California.  Concrete is our forte and our in house crew can complete any type of project with the experience, quality and attention to detail.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/tenant-improvement.html ALC Construction LLC - Tenant Improvement - Tenant Improvement: a Full Service construction whether the project is a complete or partial build out.  Experts in finishing and decorative elements with the ability to complete job including custom cabinetry and lighting fixtures.
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/tenant-improvement/build-to-suit.html ALC Construction LLC - Build to Suit - As the terminology self explain, the scope of work that includes, structural steel beams, steel stud framing, electrical and mechanical, finishes and carpentry necessary for a completed store ready for occupancy
  • http://www.alc.construction/projects/tenant-improvement/outdoor-kiosks.html ALC Construction LLC - Outdoor Kiosks - An outdoor kiosk is a built in or on wheel light structure, outside of the businesses they are related to. One of the main purposes for erecting an outdoor kiosk is to provide convenience point of sale.

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