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  • travelintexans - Must have and use with front load washers

    These are a must for your washing machine. Ever now and then, especially when your washer is in the point of draining in the cycle you suddenly find yourself and your spouse blaming each other for who just broke wind. All the while, the washer is just laughing at you and not saying anything at all.

  • Is Bin - My Workhorse

    First I have to thank the Amazon reviewers for leading me to this pan. I have and treasure one just like it and despaired of ever finding another. A careful reading of comments about this pan and I realized it is exactly what I was looking for. The reason I love this light weight yet sturdy pan is that I often use it to bake recipes that require me to cut in the pan (i.e. baklava, family sized pizzas), so all of those lovely non-stick coated pans would be quickly ruined if I used them. I have a pan drawer full of brand name non-coated sheets that are heavy gauge combinations of aluminum and steel, but they are not dishwasher friendly (ugly dulling) and "heavy" is no misnomer, they are bulky and heavy. I needed another light weight and dishwasher safe workhorse, and this is it. Now, I have read that some people are very concerned about warping. I won't kid you, I do hear this pan "Ting" in the oven and there is a slight bit of warping. I will attest, however, that I have never had a sheet cake or any other baked good come out of the oven with a crack or any sign that the small amount of warping has harmed the baked good. Finally, I love this pan because I do not have to treat it with kid gloves when it comes to cleaning it. Since it is not a non-stick pan, that baked on cheese will need some soaking and scrubbing before the pan is placed in the dishwasher. I can do "no fear scrubbing" because this pan can take it. Sure, it will quickly lose its youthful mirror like appearance, but a well worn tool is beautiful in its own way.

  • Amazon Customer - Work, but slowly

    I order this item because I've been noticing there are ants crawing from our back yard into our house. This product is very easy to install and won't caused any noise or smell when you using it. I've been using it for about 2 weeks, the ants did got less, but not totally disappear. I'll keep using it to see if the ant will completely gone. * I received this product for free or at a discount price in return for my honest review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion and was no way influenced by the promotion I received.

  • S. WALLACE - Although I like the effects this supplement is having on my appetite ...

    Although I like the effects this supplement is having on my appetite I really wish I had researched it beforehand. I have found at swanson vitamins a supplement that has the active ingredient found in Lipozene for much, much cheaper. Needless to say it does curb your appetite by making you feel fuller you can have the same effect for less money by getting the product somewhere else.