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Specialized Non-Acute Healthcare Provider - Amana Healthcare - Amana Healthcare is the UAE’s first specialised hospital for long term medical care, post acute rehabilitation, home transition & respite care for medically complex patients.

  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/post-acute-rehabilitation Post Acute Rehabilitation Services For Recovery - Amana Healthcare - Amana Healthcare offers specialised post-acute rehabilitation services for patients to help them return to their lives after a stroke, surgery or a brain injury.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/long-term-medical-care Long Term Medical & Nursing Care - Amana Healthcare - Amana Healthcare’s fully-licensed long-term medical care facilities provide 24/7 medical & nursing care from top healthcare experts from around the world.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/home-transition-respite-care Home Transition & Respite Care - Amana Healthcare - Amana Healthcare's Home Care team specialises in providing world class transitional respite care services for medically complex patients in the comfort of their homes.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/care-model Our Care Model Ensures The Right Level Of Care - Amana Healthcare - Amana Healthcare’s Care Model is based on the fundamentals of administering the right level of patient care, in the right setting, at the right time. Learn more here.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/our-facilities Post Acute Rehabilitation Facilities - Amana Healthcare - Learn more about our facilities specially designed to provide exceptional care & rehabilitative services at Amana Healthcare Medical & Rehabilitation Hospitals.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/social-pastoral-care Pastoral Care for Emotional & Spiritual Support - Amana Healthcare - Amana Healthcare provides strong pastoral support to patients and has a multi-lingual social work team to deal with illness and the challenges it brings.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/family-accommodation Inpatient Facility & Family Accommodation - Amana Healthcare - Amana Healthcare's inpatient facility includes a short-stay accommodation option for patient's family members who wish to stay overnight.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/vision Our Vision Is To Reform Non-Acute Care In UAE - Amana Healthcare - Our vision at Amana Healthcare is to revolutionise the provision of non-acute healthcare services in the Middle East. Read more about our mission here.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/our-values See How Our Core Values Drives Our Medical Care - Amana Healthcare - Amana's core values are driven by a desire to improve quality of care & medical services and operate with highest ethical standards. Read more here.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/management Meet The Team: Management - Amana Healthcare - Meet the management team at Amana Healthcare and learn about their commitment to promote quality healthcare services in the region.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/physicians Meet The Team: Physicians - Amana Healthcare - Meet our team of Physicians at Amana Healthcare and know more about their commitment to provide comprehensive quality healthcare services in the region.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/rehab-staff Meet The Team: Rehabilitation Staff - Amana Healthcare - Meet Amana Healthcare's Rehabilitation Staff who are the foundation on which the success of our rehabilitation services continues to grow. Learn more here.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/senior-nurses Meet The Team: Senior Staff Nurses - Amana Healthcare - Learn more about Amana Healthcare's Senior Staff Nurses who have provided quality nursing services and holistic care to patients.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/case-management-social-workers Case Management & Social Workers - Amana Healthcare - Our Case Management & Social Workers team collaborate with our healthcare staff to assist and assure patients with delivery of comprehensive quality care.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/links Useful Health & Medical Links - Amana Healthcare - Browse Amana Healthcare's network of healthcare partners and their offerings through these links.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/photos Explore Our Facilities Through Our Photo Gallery - Amana Healthcare - View photos of Amana Healthcare Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital - the first specialised long-term care hospital in Al Ain. Take a look at the gallery here.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/video Explore Our Facilities Through Our Video Tour - Amana Healthcare - Take a virtual tour of Amana Healthcare Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital - the first specialised long-term care hospital in Al Ain. Click here for videos.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/featured-stories Featured Stories: Stay Up To Date - Amana Healthcare - Read our featured stories to learn about Amana Healthcare's patient profiles, healthcare management news, noteworthy events, interviews and new launches.
  • http://www.amanahealthcare.com/map-directions Find Our Venues: Maps & Directions - Amana Healthcare - Find your way to Amana Healthcare in Al Ain easily using this location map. See the area map for detailed hospital information.

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