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  • Tabitha Fallin - My friend recommended this, so I gave it a try

    A little back ground: 6 years ago AFTER I gave birth to my daughter. I got off the birth control (Mirena IUD) My periods were never the same. Ever. My husband and I want more kids we've been together now 10 years with our only daughter, and it just hasn't happened. I've tried clomid, it helped but not enough. My friend recommended this, so I gave it a try. I've been on it about a month now, and nothing. No period or anything. I'm giving it one more box, and if nothing improves I'm stopping it altogether. I also read the success stories on these and how the majority of these people got pregnant after one month, so I had HIGH HOPES! Hopefully by the end of the next box, I'll get knocked up!

  • Monica @nightreads - This story was the perfect blend of romance, comedy and wanderlust!

    Ah! This book! Besides the fact that this is probably one of my favorites by Rachel, it really made me want to just travel. Having seen photos of Vernazza through Rachel's IG made it so much easier to really picture certain scenes and what it was like. From the very beginning Georgie had me laughing and Gianluca had me pining for him. The way they developed their relationship was the best way it could've happened and I'm glad with how it all played out. Except for the fact that I think it ended too fast, but either way I think this book has made it to my top favorites of Rachel's (and I've read most of hers) and by far Georgie and Gianluca have become my favorite of her couples. I loved the characters in this book. Georgie and Gianluca couldn't be any more different, but their differences are what made their characters stand out and really blend well. This story was the perfect blend of romance, comedy and wanderlust!

  • Mike Briggs - Full of bugs and poorly supported

    I've used lots of different backup options in the past, including Acronis' Backup and Recovery. I bought this thinking it would be cut from the same cloth. Big mistake. The user interface is terrible, but I figured out how to do a simple incremental backup of selected files and folders to a NAS directory, deleting old backup files.. The program worked fine for several weeks, then inexplicably claimed that it "could not find volume 1". The NAS had lots of free disk space, and I could see all the files in the appropriate directory, so I was sort of scratching my head.

  • Suzana Curavic - and found it very useful because of great tips and advice applicable as well ...

    Very interesting book for us who belong to continental legal systems, and found it very useful because of great tips and advice applicable as well in my country.

  • brdldy - miracle

    It is a miracle worker on joint pain. It is not very effective on muscle pain but any kind of joint pain it is wonderful. I have recommended it to several of my friends and they all love it. Even use it if you have an old pet with joint pain.