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Anti Aging / Age Management Medicine - California Age Management Institute - Anti Aging Age Management Medicine. Serving you for 20 years. Resolving your challenges with menopause, andropause, cognitive and hormonal imbalances.

  • http://www.antiaging.com/anti-aging-age-management-medicine/why-antiaging-age-management-medicine/ Why is Anti Aging Age Management Medicine the future? - Anti Aging Age Management Medicine is the Age Wave of the Future. Because baby boomers do not want to grow older. Optimize your own personal health and wellness.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/antiaging/antiaging-plans/anti-aging-detailed-information/ Rejuvenation through Anti Aging Age Management Program - Anti Aging is rejuvenation. Growing older without aging. Increasing your healthspan. So you can feel, look and perform like you did 10 years ago.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/dr-philip-lee-miller/ Philip Lee Miller, MD - California Age Management Institute - Dr Philip Lee Miller, MD, Founder, Medical Director and CEO of California Age Management Institute. He has over 43 years of expansive medical experience.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/menopause-bioidentical-hormone-therapy/ Menopause / peri-menopause treated with bioidentical hormones - Menopause hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, irritability, and loss of libido can be treated with bioidentical hormone therapy
  • http://www.antiaging.com/low-testosterone-replacement-therapy/ Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Monterey CA - Testosterone replacement therapy for loss of sexual vigor and performance, poor self confidence, loss of purpose, and/or decisiveness.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/andropause-low-testosterone-therapy/ Andropause Testosterone Therapy - California Age Management Institute - Andropause follows low testosterone. Andropause is treated with bio identical testosterone hormone therapy for renewed health, stamina, vigor, decisiveness.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/bioidentical-estradiol-benefits/ Bioidentical estrogen has over 400 benefits - Bioidentical Estradiol estrogen has over 400 beneficial functions -- memory, vitality, secretions, mood, skin, hair, bones, and libido.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-1/ CyberHealth #1 - bodyfat, exercise, estrone and Dr. Jane Cauley - Dr. Love summarizes a study by Dr. Jane Cauley. The main determinant of postmenopausal estrone and estradiol production is the amount of body fat.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-2/ CyberHealth #2 - PEPI study and weight gain - PEPI study and weight gain. Insulin and alcohol. Lesser known symptoms of hypothyroidism. Xylitol reduces tooth decay.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-3/ CyberHealth #3 - hormones and sun tan - Hormones and sun tan. Why does Melatonin produce weird dreams? Is obesity a breast cancer or prostate cancer risk? Ovarian cancer risk reduction.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-9/ CyberHealth 9 - Hormones and your skin - Hormones and the Skin. Estriol cream combats wrinkles. DHEA’s androgenic effects on the skin.
  • http://www.antiaging.com/more/cyberhealth-archives/cyberhealth-12-progesterone/ CyberHealth 12 Progesterone - California Age Management Institute - Dr David Zava talks about protective levels of Progesterone. He also talks about progestins and soy.toxicity.

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  • Alex - Versace Blue Jeans

    One of my favorite colognes that are in my "Top 5". The Versace Blue Jeans is one of the best colognes out there in my opinion, I have used it for over 11 years ever since I was 12 years old. Yes, the knock-offs of Versace Blue Jeans do exist and I was burned once on them and learned my lesson. I was once in the Perfume District in NYC and just walked into a random shop and bought the Blue Jeans for $, I thought that this was a great deal, but once I got home I immediately noticed that something was not right. The canister-box and the actual bottle of the knock-off looks exactly like the real thing, the only way to distinguish a fake from a real thing is to have both bottles side-by-side, but the scent of the knock-off gives it away instantly. Basically the fake canister-box will have inferior graphics, if you will look closely at it then you will see that the "box art" will have coarser raster (offset print) dots than the real canister-box, the colors will also be slightly different. The fake bottle will have opaque black bottle cap, the real thing is actually dark blue translucent cap, so if you will look at it under the light then you can see thru it. Another thing that give the fake away is the "Versace Blue Jeans Man" graphic on the bottle, the fake bottle will have bright yellow text, the real bottle has the pale yellow-greenish text. And the last thing that gives away the fake fragrance is the spray cap: the real spraycap is shiny outside and inside there is translucent-matte plastic, the 2mm circle in which the sprayhole is located at is flat-gray and there are numbers and letters molded into it in a "+" formation ( my says 10, 81, 6 and A), I guess that these letters/numbers can be different from one production batch to another. The fake spraycap will be shiny outside (with cheap chrome paint feel to it), the inside will be white and the 2mm circle will be white. So don't let the fake stuff fool you, because the real juice worth it's MSRP price, but there are genuine deals out there.

  • Jordean - Not US law, so if that is what you're looking for move along.

    I have not read this book, but was looking for a sourcebook on US immigration law. This is not a US sourcebook. How about saving shoppers a little time and stating up front what jurisdiction this addresses? That would have been a considerate thing to do. Given the plethora of titles on this subject, I really don't want to dig through every single description of every single book to sort the basics out.

  • Carol Damaske - Excell 2010

    This book is exactly what I hoped it would be. It is very informative, easy to read and understand. Thank you!