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  • Gary London - Watch out if you change computers

    I agree with other reviewers that the customer service and sales tactics are entirely unsatisfactory. Having changed laptops, I was told that I could not disactivate the previous version (2009) and reinstall it on my new laptop because the prevous version was "no longer supported." At the same time I was cheekily told that I should have initially bought the "Platinum Protection," as if $230 was not enough for the software, and that I had "already received full value for what I purchased." So in other words a client who buys the product and then changes laptops without forking out more for "protection" or for a backup CD is out of luck. In the end I was offered again to buy the CD or to buy the new product at a discount but this still strikes me as entirely unfair. In short, I believe that as consumers we have the choice of how to spend our money and I would not recommend giving your custom to this company.

  • Denise - Avoid this- it makes your skin worse, esp under eyes

    I'm 40, fair-skinned, and beginning to get some creases under my eyes. I bought this hoping it would erase some of the finer wrinkles. Instead, it made them much, much more noticable and even gave me new wrinkles. As others have stated here, it caused my skin to lose elasticity and seemingly "bunch up" under my eyes.

  • Toyz - Bad software

    After reading all the bad reviews I still bought the software after quicken forced me to upgrade from an older version. Now all my accounts are totally off. It does not show the payments from my checking/savings to the credit card accounts which has created a big imbalance.

  • Melinda Lyons - Viggo is my new book-boyfriend!

    An exciting adventure with plenty of twists and turns - you never know what to expect on the next page! Strong female lead, forbidden romance, hidden agendas, this book has it all! Set in a dystopian future, Violet Bates is a rebel who refuses to conform to the rules her society must live by. After accepting a dangerous mission in exchange for being reunited with the brother she was separated from many years ago, Violet quickly learns all is not what it seems. Another great book by Bella- can't wait for the next one!