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Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Aquoral can provide lasting relief from the symptoms of dry mouth (xerostomia) caused by diseases, medication use, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, stress, and aging.

  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/about-dry-mouth About Dry Mouth | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Dry mouth is not a disease - it is a symptom of oral complaints. Dry mouth is a side effect of medical treatments or due to a medical condition. Dry mouth may be managed without changing medications you may be taking which could be causing the condition
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/dry-mouth-symptoms Dry Mouth Symptoms | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - dry mouth symptoms include: dry lips, dental decay, trouble chewing and speaking, mouth infections, dry tongue, dry lips, mouth pain
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/causes-medications Causes: Medications | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Medications for urological conditions like overactive bladder (OAB) can lead to dry mouth. SSRIs prescribed to treat psychiatric conditions (including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) are associated with dry mouth
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/causes-aging Causes: Aging | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Reductions in saliva production occur as a natural part of aging, but most pervasive cause of dry mouth in older persons is the use of one or more dry mouth causing, medicines.
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/causes-cancer-therapy Causes: Cancer Therapy | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - A very common side effect of radio- and chemotherapy used to treat a variety of cancer types is dry mouth.1 Radiation therapy for head and neck cancer often damages the salivary glands, which are responsible for making and releasing saliva in your mouth. The goal of chemotherapy is to eradicate fast growing cancer cells, but it may also damage other fast growing cells in your body, including those that produce saliva.2 As a result, cancer therapy patients may experience severe dry mouth symptoms such as:
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/complications Complications | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Symptoms of dry mouth can lead to decreased quality of life, inadequate nutrition and weight loss, difficulty sleeping and social isolation
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/about-aquoral About Aquoral | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Aquoral is an innovative approach to the treatment of dry mouth. With its unique Oxidized Glycerol Triester (OGT) technology and clinically proven efficacy, it is unlike any other solution available for the management of the symptoms of dry mouth.
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/overview-and-usage Overview and Usage | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - The standard dose of Aquoral is one puff into the inside of each cheek 3-4 times per day. Aquoral can be applied after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and again before bedtime. Each can contains 40 ml of solution, which equals 400 sprays
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/about-oxidized-glycerol-triester About Oxidized Glycerol Triester | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Oxidized Glycerol Triester - OGTs are oily lipids that adhere to the surface of the oral cavity forming a protective film over the teeth, gums and tongue.
  • http://www.aquoral.com/page/hcps For HCPs | Aquoral for Dry Mouth - Medication-induced dry mouth can interfere with treatment goals. Taken with other medications Aquoral can help reduce the symptoms of dry mouth leading to better quality of life and improve patient compliance

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