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  • Kathy Wertz - David's Review

    It was awesome. It was funny, but at the same time it was cool. My favorite part was the supersonic hearing. I am 6 years old and in the 1st grade. I read this book by myself and then told my mom what to write on the review.

  • James Van Vuren - What Jane Bryant Quinn has to say

    I found WillMaker to be reasonably easy to use, although you have to thoroughly read the provided documention. The documention shows the legal complexity of wills and living wills, which made me question using a software package for them, so I decided to read the opinion of a trusted source. In Making the Most of Your Money Now(pub. Dec., 2009) Jane Bryant Quinn, one of the nation's leading commentators on personal finance, has the following to say about WillMaker. On pg. 105 (regarding wills) she says, "Daredevils might consider Quicken WillMaker Plus by Nolo ... But even with guidance, you're better off not writing your own (will). In simple situations, the cost of a lawyer is surprisingly small and worth every penny." On pg. 137 (regarding living trusts) she says, "If you insist on doing the job, consider the Quicken WillMaker by Nolo ... Helpful as these (software products) are, however, I wouldn't touch them myself. I'd rather have an experienced lawyer do it." A Certified Financial Planner I talked to also strongly recommended a lawyer over do-it-yourself products like WillMaker. Based on these statements, and my own experience using this product, I can't rate WillMaker over one star simply because relying on a software program to take care of a legal issue as important as a will or living will now seems risky to me.

  • ZARDOZ - Works For Me

    My '95 Nissan was leaking oil (not much) and it was driving me nuts seeing spots on my driveway every time I pulled in or out of my driveway. I checked its underside where the leak was coming from - it was by the timing belt cover. Now this is a major undertaking and expensive if you would have it repair by a mechanic.

  • my business - this is really great ive lost 65 lbs already on it.

    Thanks for your concern on how i liked this product. it's just great i believe if it were not for this product i couldn't be living as comfortable as i am at this time and as happy slim and trim trying loosing 65 lbs it's great!!! . Thanks Thermofit

  • sheliaram - Wishing I had done it earlier.

    With no windows in our kitchen and only a patio door in our living room, lights had to be used constantly. Our neighbor, with the same problem, had solatubes installed in both rooms and, after seeing the difference, we immediately made arrangements with the dealer. I know there are many other products out there, but I can't imagine that any could give us the amount of light we now have. Thank you, Solatube!

  • E Feynmann - A strong anthology with many crowd-pleasing big names and meditations on aging and life transitions

    This is a strong anthology of essays that I enjoyed overall. All the essays were short enough to be read in one sitting, which is my preferred way for reading essays. There are a few trusty big name crowd-pleasers in the mix -- Malcolm Gladwell with his cogent, well-argued piece on social status and immigration; Zadie Smith's drifting, whimsical meditation on Manhattan; David Sedaris' self-deprecating tale of enslavement to Fitbit. My personal favorite goes to Solonit's "Arrival Gates," a lyrical essay penned at the Japanese shrime Fushimi Inari-taisha. I am not a stranger to Solonit's prolific writings, many of which lyrical and travel-related, but this essay struck a particular chord with me, its peaceful reverence and acceptance had a lulling, entrancing draw, creating Solonit's own trance, lost in the the presence of time. There are others, who despite their longstanding fame, are new voices to me -- Roger Angell's hugely entertaining essay "This Old Man" has one of the most enduring, memorable opening voice that I can recall. My only complaint, which is also voiced by other readers, is that this collection is heavy on the topic of aging and mortality. This perhaps reflect the corpus of work in 2015, with the aging of the boomer population, and the noteworthy works of writers like Hitchens and Didion circling the imminent passing of life. But as a celebration of the best essays of our time, I wished for a little optimism, a little more color and diversity