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Arthritis MSM Supplement Center - Buy the best MSM on the market - We sell pure MSM. We only carry Cardinal-Bergstrom OptiMSM which is one of the purest forms of Optimsm on the market.

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  • Devon E Beavers - Be Patient--It Does Work

    I was very skeptical about this product, but because it was the only scratch remover recommended by Consumer Reports, I figured it couldn't hurt. I have a red Honda with long, shallow scratches on the trunk from dirty car wash bristles. The scratches drove me nuts, so I finally resorted to this. The first time I tried, I noticed an improvement, but I could still see some of the buff marks from the sandpaper. I gave my arm a rest and tried the following weekend, starting immediately with step one instead of sandpapering again. Worked like a charm. I can't even see the scratches anymore!

  • late10 - Something To Stimulate Thought/Conversation

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