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  • Andrew S. Smith - Modern day snake oil. I should have known better.

    Does NOT work. I quit smoking for five days and drink lots of water. I bought this for extra security and followed directions on the bottle. Drink the entire bottle, then waited 15 min and drink 16 oz of water then anther 16 oz of water another 15 min later and urinated 3 times before going to my test. I just found out that I failed the drug test. Also, it taste like crap. Like a cheap Gatorade. Take your chances with synthetic urine. that is what I will use next time.

  • David Reneau - Completely satisfied with this Amazon retailer

    A complete set of new MLB Baseball cards was received quickly, in pristine condition and packaged exceptionally well. Thank you.

  • KaraKartal - Great activity tracker and coach if you are not looking for step tracking.

    ActivityTracking: Moov Now has a little bit unusual way of tracking activity. It looks for a certain threshold and if you cross that threshold than it counts it as active minutes. App tells you that you need to be active at least 30 minutes a day. So, it motivates you to do a 30 minute walk outside during your lunch break or do some exercise. Walking around the office or house doesn’t cross the threshold so moov pushes you to do more. So, it is keeping track of how much exercise you do throughout the day. But I would like to also see how many steps I walked like fitbit and have idle alerts like jawbone to motivate me to get up more from my chair. It would have been great if the small battery indicator led light started blinking if you were sitting idle too long for instance. Idle alert should be such an easy thing to implement I don’t know why moov doesn’t put that feature. So, basically moov motivates me do more exercise but it doesn’t motivate me to get off my desk if I was idle too long.

  • Indiana Customer - Fantastic!

    Love it! I have small ears and it fits beautifully with the smallest changeable ear pieces. It has a variety of ear tabs to fit different shaped ears. It also has a pigtail earpiece for your other ear, if you want to hear in stereo with both ears! Party on the other end cannot tell I am not talking on the phone directly. No background noise either. Works and fits great! Highly recommend! The other one I really like is the Plantronics 50. I have both and use both!

  • Billy - Not too bad

    I collect Ouija Boards among other things. This board is nice for a collection. It is essential that you have this board for your collection -- if you're a collector. It's a mystical piece that looks really well in my collector's cabinet. The box I got with it is a bit old, but really no harm there. It's just your mundane, typical board that glows in the dark.

  • Amazon Shopper - Download codes require a call to QuickBooks

    We have been using QuickBooks an QB Payroll for years. This download would not activate or extent our annual payroll subscription. I had to call QB tech support and was transferred six times before I found someone in Payroll Services that knew how to associate the purchase with our subscription activation. Just don't expect to get it done on the weekend.

  • Gayle Sicchitano - Does the job and saves the garage door!

    When the original aerial hit my garage door frame I got a stubby. Now I am happy to use my garage on my new Explorer. It works well.