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OBGYN in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake - Virginia - Atlantic OB-GYN - Atlantic OBGYN is located in Virginia Beach. It is the practice of Dr. Timothy Hardy, whose team provides high quality OBGYN care, including routine preventative care, obstetrics, gynecology, and infertility treatment in Virginia Beach.

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  • Alex - Excellent

    Been doing advanced automotive engineering for years, my Bronco II overheated from a bad thermostat, and I developed a non-combustion chamber cylinder head crack. I was losing coolant to the crankcase, as evident by the fluid in the crankcase oil, and the lack of evidence of burning coolant. Any of my other cars, sure, I would have pulled the head, and replaced it, magnafluxed, etc etc lots of $$$, but this is my daily driven beater car with the factory engine and 200k miles. I used less than directed, calculated appropriately with cooling system volume, and this worked like a charm. (Approximately 1/3 the bottle on a 15 ish quart system using a 40/60 ethylene gylcol to water mix)

  • Amanda W. - Feels sturdy

    This holds the TV great but doesn't leave any arm room once it's hung up. Make sure you plug all your cords in the TV before hanging it on the wall. Currently holding my 65in LG TV and I have no worries about it coming off the wall.

  • alicia spadaccino - Too bulky

    The company claims that it tucks neatly against the toilet when not in use but it is actually in the way. My husband and son have a hard time placing their feet when standing to urinate. The squatty potty almost forces them to either stand too far away from the toilet or to stand with their feet together which is uncomfortable. I am trying to return it but haven't heard back yet.

  • Kindle Customer - and customer support even worse. No refunds

    I have been using Nero for many years, so I figured I would upgrade from Nero10 to Nero2016. I installed Nero2016 and found it to be exactly the same as Nero10, except for some major bugs that weren't present in Nero10. I have had problems with sound syncing, fit-to-disc, distorted menu backgrounds, and intolerable slowness. I can't figure out how Nero can make a new package, several generations newer, and create it with more problems than the older version! The forums were less than worthless, and customer support even worse. No refunds, or course, because I "opened" the package.