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  • https://www.atrainceu.com/accreditation/ Accreditation - ATrain Education: a list of our nursing, PT, and OT continuing education approvals and accreditations.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/nursing Nursing - Accredited, online continuing educaiton courses for nurses, nurse practitioners, and advanced practice nurses.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/pharmacotherapy Pharmacotherapy - ANCC-accredited pharmacotherapy courses for nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/occupational-therapy Occupational Therapy - Offering AOTA-accredited, online continuing education courses for OTs and OTAs since 1999.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/state-mandated State Mandated - Accredited state-mandated continuing education and training courses for healthcare professionals.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/courses All Courses - A complete listing of online continuing education courses for nurses, nurse practitioners, PTs, and OTs from ATrain Education.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/las-vegas-conference Las Vegas Conference - ATrain Education offers ANCC-accredited, online CNE courses for nurses, nurse practitioners, and advanced practice nurses.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/zika-virus-zikv-176 176_Zika Virus (ZIKV) - Describes how the Zika virus is transmitted via the Aedes aegypti mosquito as well as clinical signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/elders-and-their-care-060 141_Elders and Their Care - An overview of the effects of aging and appropriate responses to the issues arising from advancing age.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/stroke-care-after-cva-137 137_Stroke Care After CVA - Interdisciplinary course covering types of stroke, risk factors, review of brain anatomy, and stroke treatment regimens. Discusses stroke treatment regimens, ED treatment, pharmacologic management, and rehabilitation.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/designer-drugs-166 166_Designer Drugs - This ATrain Education course gives an overview of the types of designer drugs and describes the challenges related to testing and assessment of designer drug use as wells as goals for treatment of designer drug addiction.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/influenza_2015_2016_170 170_Influenza_2015_2016 - The impact of seasonal and pandemic influenza, H1N1, transmission, the importance of vaccination, and the 2016 flu vaccine.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/cannabis-for-medical-use-177 177_Cannabis for Medical Use - Policy and legal issues associated with medicinal use of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, therapeutic indication, and dosages and routes of administration.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/alzheimers-disease-and-related-dementias-161 161_ADRD6 - Skills, techniques, and strategies for direct-care staff in nursing homes, adult day care, and hospice that care for residents with Alzheimers or other forms of dementia on a daily basis.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/ebola-virus-disease-138 138_Ebola Virus Disease - Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa, signs and symptoms of infection, how Ebola is transmitted, and infection prevention and treatment options.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/depression-gender-matters-082 082_Depression: Gender Matters - Depression and how it relates to gender. Sex bias in diagnosing depression. Irritable Male Syndrome and its causes. Assessing male depression.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/ky-shaken-baby-syndrome-sbs-104 104_KY Shaken Baby Syndrome_SBS - Shaken Baby Syndrome (Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma), a type of child abuse. Online CE/training for nurses and other mandated reporters in Kentucky.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/pa-child-abuse-149 149_PA: Child Abuse - ATrain Education course for healthcare providers and other professionals in Pennsylvania who are mandated to report suspected child abuse
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/opioids-178 178_Opioids - Opioid narcotics and their clinical use and abuse: pain management, diversion, overuse, dependence, and overdose deaths from prescribed medications.
  • https://www.atrainceu.com/course/diabetes-type-2-174 174_Diabetes_Type_2 - ATrain Education CEU course: overview of type 2 diabetes, including underlying physiology, clinical forms, prevalence, causes, and complications.
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    My fiancée has used this for quite a while, up until recently we couldn't find it anywhere at our local stores so we restored to ordering it off Amazon and we don't regret it AT ALL. Amazing price and the real deal, she says it works perfectly and has nothing but good things to say about it.

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  • Nicole Deas - Brighter skin

    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and have noticed some positive changes to my skin, such as brightness and looks healthier however, I have not noticed any difference in fine lines or wrinkles.

  • distractedbygold - Good Trial Size

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  • Susannah Cockburn - Good product

    I really like QuickBook and it has helped me business partner and I started our new business. We got Quickbooks on the recommendation of my father and my accountant. The only thing I would add is a straight inventory button. My partner and I go to auctions to get some of our inventory; not really a PO kind of situation :) And I still wouldn't give it back.