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  • Amazon Customer - if I had paid this same price for four new bras i would be a much happier (and prettier) girl sitting here today

    My husband bought me a Dinair after I had bought and thus tried, Luminous Air. I found that Luminous was going to cost $582 plus the required monthly make up gouging were astronomical so Dinair appeared to be a solution with their more than half price reduction.

  • John from Ct - Best on the market

    This stuff is fantastic, I have had major scars and it REALLY does the job and it goes a long way. I have used scar cream at $100 a tube and this works BETTER at a 10th the cost

  • Brian - Good looking but very bad image ghosting

    I have three of these monitors in surround. I am a pretty serious gamer and I wanted these monitors for the thin bezels and anti glare screen. All was good when I got them and set them up. Man do they look nice! The stand is pretty high quality and the screen in very thin. On first boot they were bright and decently colorful. Not as good as my old one, but for the price not bad. I soon noticed that the color was not the same on all monitors. one of them had slightly less bright whites, and one had whites with a slight tint of yellow. This was mostly fixed with some adjusting in the settings. So far these issues are easy to look over since they look so nice and nothing beats having three identical monitors. However they are not that great for the one reason I bought them for: Gaming. These monitors have SERIOUS image ghosting. If you don't know what this is, its when the pixels leave a shadow behinds moving images on the screen because they cant change color fast enough. This adds very noticeable white and black shadows in every game even the desktop. Coming from a higher quality (now discontinued monitor) these do not perform very well in that regard. The pixels are very slow. Even textures with little contrast get blurred when moving forward.

  • Jon A - Sold on thrunite

    I own plenty of "higher end" flashlights but this is my favorite, by far. Had I known about these years ago, I would have steered clear of surefire, streamlight, olight and fenix. I still love my other lights, but this is a whole lot of light for the money. It's really impressive. My dad was a cop for almost 40 years and used lots of high end lights. Once I showed him this light and told him what I paid, he had me order him several more for him and a few of his buddies. Lightweight, nice case, does a good tail stand, nice switch/switch between modes, insanely bright and priced more than fair. You'll be happy you bought one, promise. After receiving this light I ordered 6 other thrunite flashlights. You get more than what you pay for.