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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • CHUCK - Save your money!!

    I had Hoyle Casino 2006 program and loved it but I wanted a newer version. I thought it would be better than the 2006 version. I couldn't wait to play it. I don't know why they changed it so much. It's no fun at all.

  • Amir M. - this is really nice. I had always owned the schumacher units but ...

    Boy, this is really nice. I had always owned the schumacher units but I am always suspect of their operation. Often they get stuck in one stage of charge and just sit there. Not this unit. It nice progresses up and then goes into maintain mode. I bought this to replace the trickle charger that had died in my generator. I would have had to spend $200+ on a new controller. Instead I bought this unit and got a much nicer charger to boot. Highly recommended.

  • Wade - Product and delivery

    I've used the product before. i ordered it directly from New Vitality, but i didnt like the automatic withdrawals every month. I did notice sn uptick in energy. I decided through Amazon this time b/c new Vitality takes 8-10 days to deliver. This supplier onlt took 3 day. I paid more, but at least I didnt have to have the money coming out of my account every month, and I didnt have to wait 10 days.

  • AngelF - Great App and Great Customer Service

    I really like this app. I have bought a lot of items from there. While yes it has taken a. While to receive the items, I have gotten every item I ordered except one. Even then, wish contacted me because they knew I did not get the item so they have me a full refund and a gift card. I also had one product I ordered that did not fit. Rather than sending it back they just asked me to send them a photo of the item and the packaging it came in and they would give me a full refund. Within 5 hours of sending the requested photos, the refund was granted. Yes the sizes will be small if they are coming overseas. Just be sure to order a size or two larger than what you normally order. I really like this app and I will continue to use it. I have recommended it to all of my friends. If you are worried about purchasing something, my recommendation is to get something small and inexpensive, see if you like it, then decide if you would continue to order from the app.

  • syncro87 - I'm surprised to find myself turned off by this season's opener.

    I've been with this series since the first episode of season one. I practically counted the days until Season 7 started.