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Ayurveda in Bangalore, Ayurvedic Doctors in Bangalore - AyurCentral - We are Ayurveda in Bangalore, AyurCentral is a complete Ayurvedic treatment facility with both in-patient and out-patient facilities.

  • http://www.ayurcentral.com/lesser-known-facts-wheatgrass-will-amaze-every-health-enthusiast/ The lesser known facts about Wheatgrass that will amaze every health enthusiast - Wheatgrass, a rich dietary supplement available in multiple forms has the history that dates back to almost 5000 years. Initially discovered by Egyptians, it has been part of the Mesopotamian traditions, recognized for its health benefits. It was only in the year 1930s,

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  • Paresh Suthar - Works well - but a bit pricey

    This item provides another weapon in your defense against mosquitoes and other biting insects. If you don't use it, you are not using the SkeeterVac to its true potential.

  • Rob Cook - Great read,but don't expect magic

    This book is an enjoyable read,yet don't expect it to be a magic bullet.Here's the thing:if you don't know what you're doing before you buy the book,buying the book makes very little impact. I took the GRE and got a quant score in the TWENTY THIRD PERCENTILE. Mind you,this was after several weeks of prep. To be fair,i was an English major,so my skills were not the best anyway. If you think buying a book will change drastically your skills, you're most likely mistaken unless you have, i would estimate,about 100 hours of studying and practicing. With that being said,reading the book was mostly enjoyable;the terminology is understandable and the author has a sense of humor which is relaxing. I honestly enjoyed reading the book at times and i felt more confident about my math skills afterward. So buy it if you're taking the GRE's,but understand that, as with any prep materials, it's just another part of the educational racket.

  • Wilma - Kerasak Nail Fungal Nail Treatment

    Sorry to say this product did not work for me. I would not buy it again but, I am saying it did not work for me and everyone is different what did not work for me may work for you. I guess we just have to try things.