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  • Mubarama - Really hot

    Excellent in the super hot sexy times, but the character development and plot were pretty weak. If you're reading for a good story, look elsewhere, but if you'd like a book just for the heat, this will do the trick.

  • Alondra Barragan - The most comfortable and cute non slip shoes of dear life !!!!!

    I am obsessed with these shoes !! Even my boss complimented me on them .. They are the most comfortable shoes ever . I work as a server and they are completely non slip ..way better then the ones they sell at Payless . Totally buying a different colored pair with my next pay check .

  • Amazon Addict - Great protector - use in a well ventilated area

    Works well, helps clothes/fabrics repel stains and water. Treated a jacket with this and it all beads right off. Just remember to do it in a well-ventilated area because it stinks a bit and you can get light-headed. Also, do this in an area where you don't mind the overspray going onto the floor. It made my linoleum in the bathroom a bit slick for a while.

  • Diana L. Van Buskirk - Super fast delivery and received exactly as described

    Super fast delivery and received exactly as described. I have used this product for several weeks and my skin is much softer but haven't noticed much difference in the darkness of my tan. I would order it again just because of the all natural ingredients and the softness of my skin.

  • Rita from Arlington Tx - Just OK

    It seemed to work ok, just not what I was expecting. The belt was comfortable but after a few weeks of using it, the gel pads were starting to get harder to remove off of your body and left you sticky. I did not see any difference in slenderizing but did feel good like you may get in physical therapy with the tens unit.

  • Ryan Dobson - Great Mats

    Very solid feel. Deep grooves, but not too deep. I love how the mat for the rear is one piece and covers the entire floor area -- even under the seats when they are down.

  • Ivan Krum - This stuff is great! I have been enjoying the effects from this ...

    This stuff is great! I have been enjoying the effects from this Nature's Wellness hair, skin, and nails vitamin. I feel more energized since I began to take these regularly which may be due to effects from the biotin. As others have mentioned in their reviews, the first thing I noticed when I popped the inner freshness seal was the smell. That smell is due to them being natural tablets and not vegan. Its not overpowering and to me its a good thing. It tells me this was made with the ingredients needed to do the job without added ingredients for flavoring, sugars, or artificial sweeteners that my body doesn't need to deal with processing more of. This has very similar ingredients to vitamins I took as a child for general well being, so its not my first time taking supplements that aren't flavored or sweetened. I cut my nails shortly before I started taking this as they were starting to chip, so I am looking forward to seeing the effects once I have new growth of my nails, which of course takes some time, and will update a picture here. My scalp and the skin on my face had been feeling dry, which is a lot of why I was happy to try out this hair, skin, and nails supplement. I've been drinking lots of water and being careful about what types of soaps I use on my hair and face as well, I didn't start seeing the results I wanted until I had been taking this vitamin for about a week.