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  • Giso Schroeder - You cannot fail

    Over more than 10 years I really checked quite a few prep books for several tests (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GMAT...) - finally, I condensed to wide range to just two very similar approaches: Kaplan and Gruber. Both are similar in content and only slightly different in the strategy of preparation.

  • Gail Mc2 - Not same Souffle Consistency I've come to know from past purchase/experience

    I have been using Philosophy products for about 1 and 1/2 years. I usually purchase from another on-line/TV shopping outlet. When I first received this I was a bit concerned because it was packaged differently than the previous one I had bought (e.g. it had a foil seal under the cap instead of the plastic disc that can be reseated after use) and the consistency is different than my original 8 oz jar I bought from that other retailer. My experience from the previous one I had and a live "make-over" at that other retailer's location was that the consistency of the product is "soufflé" like. This is definitely not the same consistency. However, I am not having any adverse reaction, so maybe the product has changed.

  • Uribe Lopez - Worked for one of us ha ha

    I was initially interested in this chin strap for my husband's snoring, but it did not fit well on him, it was too small. I then tried it on myself and again it was small. It did fit but it was a bit tight.

  • JK Oregon - Good functionality, not intuitive, insists on doing things its own way!

    While Quicken works nicely as personal finance manager, Quickbooks is nowhere near as well designed or easy to use. And, as other reviewers have pointed out, there is a pervasive feeling that the company wants your information to try to sell you more goods. After a while, you just want to get away from the software. If our accountant did not need the data in Quickbooks format, we would never use this software.

  • Jonathan Spector - Awesome!

    I've been getting Dan's emails for years and this book is a great add on to that. Highly recommend if you love random tidbits of information and like to impress your friends with interesting knowledge.

  • Jordan Aviano - It's ok

    It's ok...... If you never want to take the case off. Or don't want to use a screen protector because it wont work with 1. I've tried multiple times. Different screen protectors.

  • Robert B. Dean - Beware of the neurotoxin, MSG in this formula!

    I started using this on July 9th and by July 23 started with itchy hives from this formula. It took weeks to discover that it was the Amberen that was causing the hives, so I continued to take it, even in a double dosage, as recommended by the company, as it was not relieving the hot flashes very quickly. By the time I made my discovery, my heart was beating irregularly and I had hives all over by body and was not able to sleep due to the itching. It's seven weeks later, I am only now starting to make a recovery using a liver detoxification and acupuncture and after seeing four doctors. It has been hellish to say the least. The neurotoxin MSG fires the cells until the cell dies, it can accumulate in your body and you could become allergic, as I did. MSG is in all packaged foods, fast foods, vegetarian food and in over 25 hidden names. It is a toxin - a nerve poison. Google it for more information. I have never experienced ANY allergy from anything before this. It has been a long, torturous nightmare! If you decide to try it, be very careful. As for me the hot flashes no longer seem like a problem after this:)