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  • J. Donnelly - No Accountants Copy? Why Does Intuit Continue to Waste It's Money??

    I have been a Mac person for decades, and have been waiting for my accountant to give me the go ahead to FINALLY purchase the Mac version of Quickbooks for, what seems, nearly as long. Prior to Apple going over to the Intel architecture I always had to maintain a PC in the house just to do my bookkeeping. Once solutions like Parallels and VMWare became available, I was at least able to run Windows on my Mac so I could at least do my bookkeeping on the same machine I do everything else.

  • Erin C. - Great gift!

    This was given as a gift and they loved it. I will update once they make the first batch, but it makes a great gift for the beer lover in your life! Nothing inside was broken and while it's all plastic, they quality is there. It's sturdy and I can see them using it for a while. It was packaged nice and would be happy to buy it again.

  • Lisa33 - Best beauty purchase of the year!!!

    In short--best beauty product purchase of the year, and perhaps ever! I am a fair-skinned brunette, so I have exactly the right coloring for this device. I do not hesitate to highly recommend this product if you have similar coloring. My bikini area and underarms are dramatically improved. Pay attention to the color of the hair you want to remove, though. I've found the hair on my legs to be a little too light for this to have dramatic results. If you have freckles--no worries! I have freckles and have noticed no adverse response. All-in-all, you will be pleased. It costs less than one laser treatment, is much less painful than waxing and best of all, you can preserve your dignity and privacy by doing it yourself--again, and again, and again--as needed. I'm still on my first bulb, so not everyone has issues with that. Regardless, it is very inexpensive over the long term when compared to spa services.

  • MarcieB - Thank You !!!

    THANK YOU !!! You wrote one complete book did not start a mini series with five different parts . I don't know why a lot of urban authors and books are going in that direction but I hate that. It takes to long and by the time the part two drops I have to reread part one to remember what the hell is going on . I have read every book you wrote and I have loved them all . I don't even read the description because I have never been disappointed with any of your books .

  • LexSC - Not too much of a difference if any

    Put this on my truck about a month ago and I have not seen too much of a difference in the color of the plastic

  • tnitemare - Great movie!

    Always loved this movie, and I love John Cusak as an actor. His part in this film was perfect casting. The special effects look so real, and in Blu-Ray it is so much better! I'll never get tired of seeing this one!

  • James L Stevenson - Bitdefender Secures PC Computers Running Windows XP

    It's been installed on 3 Windows XP Pro PCs and appears to be working okay. However, to be able to download emails with Microsoft Outlook, the "Scan SSL" setting under Web protection needs to be turned off. If it is left on in the default position, Outlook will not find any email accounts to download and you'll not be able to get email.