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  • D. Carmickle - Another very disappointing upgrade

    I have used Quickbooks Pro for over ten years. Unfortunately, I am stuck with all my data in QB Pro, and they do NOT make it easy to switch to a different product. And I desperately want to leave Quickbooks after buying and reviewing this last version.

  • Evan Maldanado - Enjoy the look of the bag

    Enjoy the look of the bag. Wish it was bigger since I take it to gym before work. I do have to take towel separately since it can't fit with my clothes packed in there. But I do enjoy the style of the bag.

  • J.M.L. - Made Things WORSE.

    I've used almost the entire bottle of this over several weeks. Not only did it not get rid of fleas in the house or on the cats, it seemingly made the flea problem worse. In the time I waited for it to work, more and more fleas hatched. Now I have an infestation.

  • restorationgirl - GREAT PRODUCT - let the wind and rain do the 'scrubbing' for you!

    Go online for directions from Wet and Forget. (Do NOT apply on windy day, in direct sunlight / high noon - I wait until evening.)

  • Carlyle Clark - SOLD WITH LIES!!!

    My wife and I purchased Xzilon at the dealer because we had a leased car and we thought it would be well worth it to make sure we return the vehicle in excellent condition. We just tried to make a claim for some stains and minor scratches and NEITHER the stains nor the scratches are covered. We were definitley told they WOULD be covered. We paid a whole bunch of money and only succeeded in making XZILON and KUNES COUNTRY FORD of ANITOCH a nice chunk of change for absolutely nothing. What a rip-off company!!! KUNES COUNTRY FORD of ANITOCH should be ashamed of foisting this garbage off on their customer. If you know of anywhere else on the web I can leave a honest review of the horrible product to try to save other people money PLEASE let me know by commenting on this review. I'm hoping to leave one review for every dollar I was robbed of buying this product.

  • Atmos guy - Are you Lovers or Roommates?

    Prepare to exit the matrix men. This book will OPEN your sleeping eyes! More than just a guide to getting more of the sex and attraction you want from your wife/girlfriend, it's a no holds barred glimpse into the Disney happily ever after MYTH and why it is simply not real. You will have to choose whether to leave the matrix or stay plugged in... But you can't unlearn this valuable information.

  • juju - not worth it

    It didn't work for me at all! I lost a pound a week on my regular diet n exercise. these pills are a joke. I was better off without them.