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  • ConsumerJules - Glad we did as our baby was born 4 weeks ...

    Purchased 2 - one for my car and one for my husband's. Glad we did as our baby was born 4 weeks pre-maturely and don't think a traditional detachable car seat would have been safe for my little one as their minimum baby weights were higher than my baby's birth weight. The Tiny Fit feature is exactly what we needed!

  • Amazon Customer - Details on the non-browser OS features

    Others have commented about the new Chromebook hardware, and the browser is well-known already (it operates identically on the Chromebook), so I'll comment about the OS features outside of the browser, about which very little information is available. Bear in mind that Google updates the OS frequently, so anything I say is subject to change at any time.

  • TaosDude - Works as Advertised.

    I've only had couple of months but so far seems to be working as advertised. Simple to set up and activate. Shipped in timely manner. Use in vacation home in remote location, accessing the cell service was no problem.

  • Mase Of Base - Fantastic Accounting sofware!

    We have been using Sage to help run our family business for a couple years now. It's reliable and easy to use. The interface is perfect and the program itself is a breeze to use. No glitches in any of the software we have used this past year. Even if you do have a question the customer service at Sage is very helpful and they solved my miniscule issue within seconds. Very cool. Highly recommend Sage Accounting.

  • Amazon Customer - Economical unit

    I find the item satisfactory, installation was quick and easy, pairing the unit to my car/cellphone was done in a few steps. The only reason why I am not giving it a 5 star, is because I hear a lot of static through the speakers that the unit transmitted.

  • M Gerrish - Round One

    I gave this item a few test runs when family loaned it while on vacation, which is fortunate since I incline towards buying a new vacuum product if it even sounds a little good. And this one sounds great.

  • Bengal Babe - Junk...Don't hold their seal

    Updated Review: When I wrote my original review, I had just packed the one XL Bag. A few days later I noticed the bag had lost the vacuum seal. I initially thought I just didn't pinch seal the bag closed well. However, yesterday I had a couple more bags packed and sat down to vacuum seal the first bag and two of the large bags. This time I made sure to seal both of the ziplock tracks thoroughly and I left the bags out instead of putting them in the closet so I could make sure they were working. I've cleaned out all of our closets and I have more bags to pack for storage. This morning when I got up all three of the bags had lost their seal. These are essentially worthless if they can't hold the vacuum seal.